Friday 29 April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 27th/ 28th/ 29th April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 27th/ 28th/ 29th April 2022

UK COVID Official Statistics:
Cases last 7 days: 105,331 (average 15,047 per day)
Admitted to hospital with COVID in the last 7 days: 9,493 (significantly down from  13,752 a week earlier)
In hospital yesterday: 13,027 (down from 16,447 a week earlier)
Using a ventilator yesterday: 302 (down from 339 a week earlier)
Losses of life last 7 days: 1,560 (average 223 per day, significantly down on 1,956 a week earlier)
Total losses of life within 28 days of a positive test: 174,912
Total losses of life with COVID listed as a cause: 191,277
Tests last 7 days: 2,158,217 (average 308,316 per day)
Vaccinations 1st dose: 53,184,869
Vaccinations 2nd dose: 49,727,305
Boosted / 3rd dose / Spring Boosters: 39,248,005

Rep. Of Ireland: 1,516,153 cases and 7,076 losses of life.

World: 512,394,235 reported cases and 6,257,163 losses of life.

Immunosuppressed booster time test and image of syringe and vaccine vials

"For fans of important things quietly collapsing - it's worth taking a glance at the NHS England ambulance time data.
The headline Category 1s  - "immediate life-threatening": times are rising above standards but don't look utterly terrifying.
Category 2s. These are still critically important; "needing rapid assessment and transport": includes intense chest pain and strokes. So a *mean* [most common average] pushing past an hour is ... terrifying. And in the South West: *mean* was 1hr 53 minutes with 90th %ile waits at 4hr 31 (not a typo). [10% of category 2 people waited 4hr31m or longer.]
Category 3s & 4s are similarly horrific, with SW again the worst (a Cat 3 "urgent problem requiring treatment in an acute setting" having a *mean* of over 6 hours).
All numbers are by some way the worst since the categories were introduced in 2017. "Collapse" seems fair."
Paul Mainwood, Head Of Strategy And Planning at Innocent Drinks, Philosophical Physicist Oxford Uni.
That's the bad news, now the better news... 

Tuesday 26 April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 23rd - 26th April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 23rd - 26th April 2022

UK COVID Statistics:
Cases last 7 days: 131,054 (average 18,722 per day)
Admitted to hospital with COVID in the last 7 days: 10,386 (bear in mind many people are only in hospital overnight or for a couple of days)
In hospital yesterday: 14,929
Using a ventilator yesterday: 321
Losses of life last 7 days: 2,266 (this includes some backlog reported last week from Easter weekend - average 323 per day)
Total losses of life within 28 days of a positive test: 174,144
Total losses of life with COVID listed as a cause: 190,124
Tests last 7 days: 2,310,897 (average 330,128 per day)
Vaccinations 1st dose: 53,157,460
Vaccinations 2nd dose: 49,703,318
Boosted / 3rd dose / Spring Boosters: 39,185,170

Rep. Of Ireland: 1,512,812 cases and 7,016 losses of life (not yet reported today).

World: 510,269,578 reported cases and 6,246,343 losses of life.

Since 1976 we have had vaccinations test and image of teenagers playing on a beach

“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo. “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
J.R.R.Tolkein, The Fellowship Of The Ring

Friday 22 April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 20/21/22 April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 20/21/22 April 2022

UK COVID Statistics:
Cases last 7 days: 185,625 (average 26,517 per day lollity lol - see ONS figures below)
Admitted to hospital with COVID in the last 7 days: 13,752 (I've added this measurement because it seems more useful now than case numbers, bearing in mind many people are only in hospital overnight or for a couple of days)
In hospital yesterday: 16,447 (down significantly from 19,028 eight days earlier)
Using a ventilator yesterday: 339 (down slightly on 355 eight days earlier)
Losses of life last 7 days: 1,956
Total losses of life within 28 days of a positive test: 173,352
Total losses of life with COVID listed as a cause on the death certificate: 190,124
Tests last 7 days: 2,237,478 (average 319,639 per day)
Vaccinations 1st dose: 53,087,904
Vaccinations 2nd dose: 49,661,362
Boosted / 3rd dose / Spring Boosters: 39,125,015

Rep. Of Ireland: 1,509,536 (+1,163) cases and 6,996 (+3) losses of life.

World: 508,147,148 reported cases and 6,237,847 losses of life.

220422 ONS hospital admissions and deaths by age

"In the longer term we should expect millions of people to catch covid each year with the consequence that we have a population that is generally less healthy both from the burden of covid infection itself and the long-term consequences of long covid."
Kit Yates, member of UK indieSAGE advisory group, spelling out "Living With COVID" in plain English.  

Wednesday 20 April 2022

ZEROWATER 5 Stage Advanced Water Filter Jug Review (sent for review)

We were recently sent the ZEROWATER 12 Cup / 2.8l Jug to review. This is a jug with a combined 5 stage ion-exchange water filter to remove all kinds of dissolved solids from your water before you drink it - and it fits neatly into the door pocket of a fridge. It also has a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter included, so you can see how effectively it works.

ZeroWater jug in packaging

As soon as you open the packaging, you see an important message - the filter should be replaced once the meter registers 6 or more. 

ZeroWater jug with packaged filter inside showing instructions

Tuesday 19 April 2022

April 2022 #TBCSmiles 92 Months...

Hello Spring! We waited a long time for it, but Easter brought with it excellent weather and a chance for everyone to play out. We had a visit from Grandparents who we haven't seen since last Summer - and it's only the second time we've been able to see them since COVID arrived, so it was incredibly welcome. 

This month has been a bit unexpected for us, as 2 weeks ago we were given 8 weeks notice to leave our house. We've been here almost 15 years, and with 7 children growing up with us, we have accumulated a lot of stuff, and a lot of memories. 8 weeks simply isn't long enough. 

My sons 4th birthday - 2 brothers sitting on a sofa while one opens a huge LEGO set present

The imminent move has overshadowed Easter and completely filled our time, but we still made some smiles, and we still had an Easter egg hunt, and we have spent hours and hours carefully placing memories in boxes... it's much harder because we love this house and don't wish to leave, and it's where one of our children was born, and where one of our children died.

Easter in itself is full of memories for everyone who has lost someone. Christmas might be the big event, but Easter always involves family and friends, and reminders of what used to be. It's been a hard couple of weeks, and I think that probably shows. We are all exhausted here, and that isn't about to get any easier. It is also the reason that this month the smiles are very late. I simply wasn't in a place to do any writing last week - my apologies to everyone who has been waiting for this post!

My son on his 4th birthday holding a LEGO spaceman Benny model

You guys have all had your cameras out, and it's been a real pleasure to look through all of the smiles today. I inadvertently took photos up until today, so there may be a couple that really should be in next month, and snuck in. I'm not going to go back through them, I'll just accept that and keep moving forward. I'm only human... 

Here are just 9 of the biggest smiles you guys have shared over the past month (and 4 days) by using the #tbcsmiles hashtag on Instagram. The whole collection is well over 8,000 photos now, each one with an infectious grin, a chuckle or a wry smile, but all have a little joy to brighten your day. 

Anyone is welcome to join in with the smiles, you don't need a fancy camera or Instagram perfect house, as long as someone is smiling, that's all we need. After all is said and done, happiness is everything. 

tbcsmiles april 2022 collage showing 9 of your smiles

These smiles were shared by the following Instagrammers: 

OddHogg / PaigeWallbankxo / OurLittleEscapades

GirlyBones78 / BeautiesAndTheBibs / TheStrawberryFountain

SuburbanMum / Haylee_Louise_ / MrsShilts

My family made our own smiles, we really did, but I didn't bring out my camera much. We had a 12th birthday and our kitten Sonja to make us grin, so unsurprisingly star of this month's collection is my youngest son - who smiled through his entire birthday, even when he didn't win at bowling... even when life tests you, the smiles are always there if you look.

tbcsmiles april 2022 my smiles my youngests 12th birthday

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 15th - 19th April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 15th - 19th April 2022

UK Statistics:
Cases last 7 days: 184,761 (average 26,394 per day - which I think we can safely assume is nowhere near a complete figure, although definitely cases are going down)
Hospital numbers have not been updated since last Thursday, but were steadily decreasing
Losses of life last 7 days: 1,483 (also steadily decreasing)
Tests last 7 days: 2,335,846 (average 333,692 per day)
Vaccinations 1st dose: 53,041,898
Vaccinations 2nd dose: 49,762,640
Boosted / 3rd dose: 39,073,635

Rep. Of Ireland: 1,498,834 cases and 6,932 losses of life (not yet reported today)

World: 505,431,852 reported cases and 6,225,614 losses of life.

UK Gov call 111 for medical advice ridiculous image of child about to fall off a skateboard

"Long Covid will haunt us…We have the right to demand higher performance from vaccines…Vaccines can do more if they are adequately boosted, revised."
Dr Peter Hotez, co-chair of the Lancet Commission on Covid-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics Task Force, in an interview with the Indian Express.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon forgot to put on a mask when entering a barber's shop on Saturday - naughty! It's hardly Westminster level rule-breaking, more forgetful lack of care. (I personally twice walked into shops without a mask when it was the law down here, and I'm sure most of us have slipped up on that one.) Disappointingly she didn't suddenly realise and slap a mask on, in fact the entire barber's is heaving with bare-faced people. Tsk... The police were informed. Luckily for Nicola, they decided "no further action" was necessary - and possibly that had something to do with the fact that Scotland's face mask rulings came to an end at midnight on Sunday anyway. She appears to have escaped with a telling off, and has apologised.

Thursday 14 April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 12th / 13th / 14th April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 12th / 13th / 14th April 2022

UK Daily Statistics:
Cases last 7 days: 238,938 (average 34,134 per day)
In hospital yesterday 13th April: 19,028 (DOWN from 20,331 on 7th April / 19,575 on 31st March)
Using a ventilator: 355 (static for the last 2 weeks)
Losses of life last 7 days: 1,984 (average 283 per day - UP and really a lot of people. Hopefully it'll start to slow down soon, as hospitalisations are now falling and deaths lag by around 2-3 weeks)
Tests last 7 days: 2,901,904 (average 414,557 per day)
Vaccinations 1st dose: 52,978,585 (92.1% of UK age 12+)
Vaccinations 2nd dose: 49,592,843 (86.2%)
Boosted / 3rd dose: 39,028,451 (67.9%)

Rep. Of Ireland: 1,498,834 (+1,924) cases and 6,932 (+13) losses of life.

World: 502,498,972 reported cases and 6,215,965 losses of life.

World Health Organisation Celebrate safely ventilate, play out

"It did not occur to me that this might be a breach of the rules"
Mr Thicky McThick, the most vacuous man in Britain, explaining how he didn't understand that "no gatherings" during lockdown meant people shouldn't gather.
Oops, no, my error. It's Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, the man who created the rules and then stood at a ridiculously expensive podium and told us all about them - repeatedly. He is either as clever as a house brick, or a complete liar. You choose.

Monday 11 April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 9th / 10th / 11th April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 9th / 10th / 11th April 2022

UK Daily Statistics:
Cases last 7 days: 281,269 (average 40,181 per day)
In hospital last Friday 8th April: 20,051
Using a ventilator last Friday 8th April: 355
Losses of life last 7 days: 1,613 (average 230 each day - that is a lot of people, a lot of friends and a lot of relatives)
Tests last 7 days: 3,239,337 (average 462,762 per day)

Rep. Of Ireland: 1,493,066 (+1,715) cases and 6,884 (+21) losses of life

World: 499,260,917 reported cases and 6,204,095 losses of life

080422 children aged 5-11 now eligible for vaccination

"The brutal reality for staff and patients is that this Easter in the NHS is as bad as any winter. But instead of the understanding and support NHS staff received during 2020 and 2021, we have a government that seems to want to wash its hands of responsibility for what is occurring in plain sight in local services up and down the country.
No 10 has seemingly abandoned any interest in Covid whatsoever. The Treasury has taken bites out of the already very tight NHS budget, while soaring inflation means the NHS settlement is now worth less. It is now unclear that anyone in the centre of government feels the unfolding NHS crisis is their responsibility.
NHS leaders and their teams feel abandoned by the Government and they deserve better.
We have been promised a ‘living with Covid’ plan yet all we have is a ‘living without restrictions’ ideology."
Very strong words from the NHS Confederation, who are well aware that COVID hasn't all finished and gone away now. In fact the UK now has over 20,000 patients in hospital with COVID.
"In the past week, around 20 accident and emergency departments in England have issued diverts, with patients having to be taken elsewhere."
They are asking for 5 actions:
1. Honesty in Government messaging, which "is tending to mislead the public and discourage them to take steps to reduce transmission".
2. "Reinvigorate" public information, be clearer about rates of infection and impact, "while encouraging people to resume behaviours that have previously been effective in keeping infections down".
3. Review NHS infection prevention control measures and educate and empower staff, to allow more non-COVID patients to be treated - safely.
4. Review "elective and other key NHS targets commensurate with the ongoing pressures caused by this Covid crisis".
5. "Additional funding from government to cover the direct costs of Covid is required given the ongoing pressure from treating Covid patients." E.g. lateral flow testing for staff comes from NHS budget.
The NHS Confederation represent the whole healthcare system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, including 1.5 million staff and more than 1 million patients a day.

Friday 8 April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 6th / 7th / 8th April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 6th / 7th / 8th April 2022

UK Daily Statistics:
Cases last 7 days: 333,347 (average 47,621 per day)
In hospital yesterday 7th April: 20,331 (UP from 19,575 a week earlier)
Using a ventilator yesterday: 357 (thankfully static, 356 a week earlier)
Losses of life last 7 days: 1,475 (almost as many who died on the Titanic, and an average 210 a day)
Tests last 7 days: 3,629,226 (average 518,460 per day)
Vaccination data isn't going to be quite right just now, as the UK give totals, but don't separate 3rd jabs and booster jabs, and give percentages out of people aged 12+, but we are now vaccinating children aged 5+, so none of it is very precise at the moment. 

Rep. Of Ireland: 1,487,164 (+2,843) cases and 6,863 (+20) losses of life.

World: 497,032,257 reported cases and 6,197,139 losses of life.

Spring Boosters hit 1 million doses already UK NHS

ON Wednesday the UK Health Security Agency added a massive 2,714 people to England's losses of life from COVID:
“Due to a data processing error, a number of people who died within 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test were not reported in a timely manner.”
Remember kids, nothing to see here... and no fudging of numbers ever, nope.

Being You: Body Image Book For Boys Review (Teenage and Young Adult Readers)~ Sent for review.

Cambridge University Press has published possibly the world's first body image book for older boys age 12+, and I've been sent a copy to review. We are becoming very used to the idea that teenage girls struggle with their body image, but in our media obsessed world, boys do too. In fact around 1/4 of young people with eating disorders are male. Being You looks at how the male body and mental image changes, and restores the confidence which the modern world can very quickly erase. 

Being You The Body Image Book For Boys book cover

The authors of Being You are Dr Charlotte Markey, a pioneer on body image research and author of bestselling The Body Image Book for Girls: Love Yourself and Grow Up Fearless (2020), and Daniel Hart, a psychologist and father of boys. I am a mother of 5 boys myself.

Being You: Body Image Book For Boys is bright, bold and has illustrations throughout by Douglas N. Zacher. Text is broken into chunks, and you can dip in and out, it's not intended as a 'sit down and read through' book. The language is very accessible, and as you might imagine, very blunt at times, covering topics such as masturbation, sexuality, eating disorders, 'bulking up', plastic surgery, depression, alcohol and substance abuse. 

Body image book for teenage boys contents chapters

At the back is a huge glossary of terms used, and frankly that alone is a very useful tool for helping young people have the language to explain themselves and their worries.

Tuesday 5 April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 4th / 5th April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 4th / 5th April 2022

UK Daily Statistics - bear in mind that most people no longer qualify for free testing, and they'll be starting to run out of stockpiled lateral flow tests:
Cases last 7 days: 425,303 (average 60,757)
In hospital yesterday 4th April: 20,398 (UP from 19,118 a week earlier)
Using a ventilator yesterday: 351 (DOWN from 363 a week earlier)
Losses of life last 7 days: 1,174 (average 167 per day)
Losses of life total: 166,148
People with COVID listed as a cause on their death certificate up until 25th March: 187,929
Tests last 7 days: 4,148,840 (average 592,691 per day)
Vaccinations 1st dose: 52,837,997 (91.9% of UK age 12+)
Vaccinations 2nd dose: 49,488,642 (86.1%)
Boosted / 3rd dose: 38,881,391 (67.6%)
(Although hospitalisations/ventilator use is up, it is a smaller rise than last week. Are we reaching the peak of this wave? Let's hope so... )

Rep. Of Ireland: 1,477,112 (+2,738) cases and 6,805 (+6) losses of life.

World: 493,330,951 reported cases and 6,181,214 losses of life.

getting vaccinated is your best defence UK Government

Now that free testing has ended in England, the UK NHS list of COVID symptoms has been expanded. (Obviously those 2 things are entirely unrelated, I've no idea why I put them together like that.):
"Symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) in adults can include:
- a high temperature or shivering (chills) – a high temperature means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
- a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours
- a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
- shortness of breath
- feeling tired or exhausted
- an aching body
- a headache
- a sore throat
- a blocked or runny nose
- loss of appetite
- diarrhoea
- feeling sick or being sick"
Close inspection reveals the list for children is EXACTLY THE SAME, so that's handy.
Obviously any or even all of those symptoms still doesn't mean you have COVID, but you are advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people if you have symptoms of COVID including a high temperature, or don't feel well enough to go to work or do normal activities.

Sunday 3 April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Weekend Update 2nd and 3rd April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Weekend Update 2nd and 3rd April 2022

UK Daily Statistics don't update over weekends, so you won't see them here or in the figures at the bottom.

World: 491,255,721 reported cases and 6,175,357 losses of life.

The UK vaccinations programme has opened up for kids aged 5-11 - so you can book appointments from Monday (tomorrow). Lots of walk-in appointments are adult 18+ or 16+ only, so you will be lucky if you can turn up at a walk-in with a minor next Wednesday and get them vaccinated. Check in advance. And remember it looks plausible there is a very slightly increased chance of heart inflammation as an adverse injection reaction for youngsters if they have had COVID within the last 2 or 3 months, so wait 12 weeks after a positive test before vaccinating young people aged under 18. 

Vaccination does not break a fast Ramadan

Vaccination is advised by religious leaders of all major denominations. If you're invited to get your Spring booster vaccine, or if you haven't yet come forward for your first or second dose or booster vaccine this Ramadan, please come forward.

The UK Health Security Agency is studying XE - which is what we are now calling the 'recombinant mutation' of BA.1 and BA.2 Omicron strains. Hundreds of cases have now been identified - 637 up until 22nd March. As we had over 4 million COVID cases in the UK last week, and they were almost entirely Omicron BA'1 and BA.2 anyway, I'm not going to panic for a long while yet... 

The Independent have been investigating the prosecutions for breaking COVID restrictions in the UK, and have discovered that almost a third have actually been wrongful.
More than 800 miscarriages of justice identified already, but there may be thousands of cases, because not every one has been checked. If the Government Ministers can 'get away with it', you should too.... even though I might personally think you behaved with reckless abandonment... 

UNHCR Charity for Refugees help in Ukraine

"The World Health Organisation (WHO) has suspended the supply through United Nations agencies of COVID-19 vaccine Covaxin manufactured by India-based firm Bharat Biotech. In a statement, the international body said the vaccine is safe and the suspension is "to allow the manufacturer to upgrade facilities and address deficiencies found in an inspection"."
There have been questions over the vaccine manufacturing facilities in the past, and they have returned.
"The risk assessment to date does not indicate a change in the risk-benefit ratio of the vaccine. The data, available to WHO, indicate the vaccine is effective and no safety concern exist."
They just need to bring their manufacturing up to 2022 specs. Sort it out lads!! 

As the Russians pull back out of parts of Ukraine, we are seeing the true horrors of war in what is left behind, and it is grim to the point of sobbing/vomit. This war is rare in that religion does not feature, and nor does language or ethnic origin. I don't believe in a God, and more wars have been fought supposedly in the name of religion than for any other reasons, but when you look at what their books and leaders actually say, I believe most religions have moral standards we should aspire to, and modern day leaders who seek peace and tolerance for all people. 

"Once again, some potentate is provoking and fomenting conflicts, ordinary people sense the need to build a future that, will either be shared, or will not be at all.  Now in the night of the war, let us not allow the dream of peace to fade!"
Pope Francis.
Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite Pope, although not my actual favourite religious leader. That title goes to the current Dalai Lama, whose latest tweet reads:
"The fact that inner peace is the principal characteristic of happiness, explains the paradox that while we can all think of people who remain dissatisfied, despite having every material advantage, there are others who remain happy, despite the most difficult circumstances."
And words from Muslim leader, his Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad:
"It is not just one country. In fact many countries will become embroiled in this conflict if it continues, and the horrifying consequences will last for generations to come...(he asks that they find Godliness)... and not play with human lives for the sake of fulfilling their worldly desires."
We all dream of peace.  

Ukrainian street art A child holds up the palm of their hand, on which it is written, stop war.

Photos and video that showed crying young children isolated from their families at a Shanghai hospital have really upset local people. There has been nothing to suggest they are not real, and they do seem to fit in with China’s response to COVID, by isolating everyone who is (or may be) infected.

What is currently coming out of Ukraine is truly grim, especially from areas which have been cut off for weeks. Earlier today Zelenskyy said:
"Mothers of Russian soldiers should see that. See what bastards you've raised. Murderers, looters, butchers."
War is always ugly. 

I've had a crazy weekend, as yesterday, out of the blue, we were served notice to move out of our rented home after 15 years! Bit of a shocker. Where do you even start? Thankfully not too much news today, but my surprise moving will no doubt affect how much I can cover over the next 8 weeks, so fingers crossed the slow news situation remains, or I'll have you guys guest posting for me while I frantically pack... 

Ramadan Mubarak and blessings to everyone observing the holy month. I hope you have a fantastic time. Please remember COVID still exists, and it is still harshest on our older and weaker populations. Don't take unnecessary risks, and open windows whenever possible.

Some people. They look like numbers here, but they are all people.

Countries / Cases / Losses of life (since midnight GMT. In larger countries,  such as the USA and India, some states /provinces have yet to report today):

S. Korea 13,639,915 (+264,097) 16,929 (+339)

France 25,895,586 (+132,114) 142,475 (+68)

Germany 21,588,614 (+128,639) 130,529 (+187)

Italy 14,792,227 (+72,224) 159,666 (+129)

Vietnam 9,716,282 (+65,619) 42,563 (+37)

Australia 4,633,278 (+54,667) 6,367 (+26)

Japan 6,606,464 (+53,544) 28,200 (+103)

Thailand 3,684,755 (+28,029) 25,321 (+96)

Brazil 29,995,638 (+20,473) 660,192 (+127)

Austria 3,873,448 (+19,043) 15,957 (+52)

Russia 17,880,038 (+17,949) 369,404 (+340)

Netherlands 7,897,928 (+16,918) 22,006 (+12)

Greece 3,067,354 (+15,823) 27,623 (+52)

Malaysia 4,234,087 (+14,692) 35,069 (+56) 




Shanghai is struggling to contain an outbreak of highly contagious Omicron.

Photo: AFP via Getty Images.

Amendment: I typed blood clots rather than heart inflammation and have corrected. Many links on this page:

Friday 1 April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 30th / 31st March / 1st April 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 30th / 31st March / 1st April 2022

UK Daily Statistics:
Cases last 7 days: 527,550 (average 75,364 per day)
In hospital yesterday 31st March: 19,575 (up from 17,440 a week earlier)
Using a ventilator yesterday 31st March: 356 (up from 302 a week earlier)
Losses of life last 7 days: 1,116 (average 159 per day)
Tests: 4,671,510 (average 667,358 per day)
Vaccinations 1st dose: 52,803,065 (91.8% of UK age 12+)
Vaccinations 2nd dose: 49,439,759 (86%)
Boosted / 3rd dose: 38,823,674 (67.5%)

Rep. Of Ireland: 1,465,150 (+5,725) cases and 6,786 (+33) losses of life.

World: 489,186,080 reported cases and 6,168,935 losses of life.

010422 UK ONS COVID cases by age in England

"For the NHS, Covid is far from over. Hospital admissions now higher than the January peak. Staff sickness high. New variants emerging. But reflecting on conversations with staff today in the hospital, they aren't giving in just yet. Too much to fight for"
Luke O'Shea, Director of Innovation, University College London Hospitals, with a reminder that COVID is doing pretty much the same thing that it has been for the last 2 years.