Monday 21 January 2013

Boring snow post

I can't help myself, I really can't. I tried to stop myself posting a snow picture, and I've held on for nearly 24 hours now, but it's beaten me.

Snow is just far too much fun. When else can you peg something hard and stingy directly at the face of someone you don't really like, and all they can do is smile politely? What other opportunities arise where children learn so quickly that you are nearly always right - 'yes, you do need a jumper under your coat', 'wellies WILL be better than shoes', and 'gloves, even if they're those weird ones with flip over bits on the fingers, are better than no gloves'. When else do you get to make something that doesn't answer back, brings out the competitive creative streak in you and breaks a smile on the face of the people who see it (which is a lot of people if your garden is next to a Churchyard).

I love snow, I'd happily have more of it, so here is this years best effort ~ note the use of red/white potatoes to make actual eyeballs with pupils....stroke of creative genius obviously.... :)


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