Wednesday 23 January 2013

Snow Kingdom

I've always loved The Imagination Tree for the beautifully simple yet genius ideas they have for play. Their Snow Dough Winter Wonderland is gorgeous and loads of fun, and when boy no4 decided he wanted to play outside in the snow today, I really did have to catch up with the housework and getting tea sorted, but I thought straightaway how to keep us both happy (well, me less than him!).  

It might be real snow - but I wouldn't have thought to bring it in if we hadn't pretended beforehand - thank you Imagination Tree.

If it can go in the bath, it can usually go in the snow - and we'll be letting ours melt completely just to check we don't throw any treasure into the garden...(mainly because we aren't really meant to play with boy no2's Star Wars Lego when he's not even here, and they do have teeny tiny little snow goggles on)

Please ensure that any snow you use comes from an area that has not been fouled by animals or birds - we took ours from our own garden on the roof of the wendy house!

(Update - An hour later and ALL the snow is still in the box except one Mike The Knight snowballs a giraffe incident!)


  1. so wish I had seen that idea before all the snow melted!!! so simple yet i never thought of it, gonna bring some in next time it snows

    came through to your blog from playfest :) hi!

    1. Hiya *waves*

      Don't you worry - it'll be back....I hope :D


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