Tuesday 19 February 2013

Red Nose Day Jelly Bath with Red Rose Mummy

I've finally succumbed. Not since 2000 have I actually helped organise anything for Comic Relief's Red Nose Day, but this year, egged on by IzziwizziKids, sponsored by Gelli Baff and joined by Red Rose Mummy Pippa, on Saturday 9th March I shall be taking a fully-dressed moment to enjoy the delight that is sitting in a paddling pool full of jelly.

I've not tried it before, but I can clearly see it's going to be gooey and messy and cold. My children think the same, and they really can't wait to throw jelly at me in the name of #goodwork. (I will get my own comic relief the next day on Mother's Day when I find myself completely unable to cook, clean or make my own coffee).

If you would like to sponsor us, then every £1 is really very welcome, and we will film every vital moment to post up here so that you can laugh and point and see just how cold Lancashire really is in early March*

*unless I can convince my other half that it's raining far too much and we need to move the event inside next to the radiator.......

If you would like to take part yourself then get your ideas together and register with Red Nose Day for your own sponsorship page, or even join Izziwizzi Playfest on Tuesday at 8.30pm on Twitter using the hashtag #Playfest, or Thursday 8.30pm on Facebook, and you too can get your hands on some Gelli Baff and Do Something Funny With Jelly!


  1. What on earth are we letting ourselves in for?

    1. I think I might have a nasty cold that day.....or need to wash my hair.... :D

  2. You can't bring a "bath" of jelly into the house, I'll lend youse a brolly! :D

    1. Are you sure? I'm sure I still have some old sheets and plasticky things from when I had a home birth... :D


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