Tuesday 23 April 2013

Healthy Snack Chat ~ and how we trended on Twitter!

You know when someone suggests something, and you think it might be okay and agree, and then you start to think maybe you've had an idea above your station? When the doubts creep in and you start to wonder if everyone is pointing and giggling?

Well I thought like that about our #HealthySnackChat Twitter discussion...

There we were, the 4 of us, Anna In The Playroom, Eileen ET Speaks From Home, Pippa Red Rose Mummy and I, waiting for 10.30am. I say waiting, actually I had to rush about like a squirrel locked in a car in order to be ready.

At 10.25 I got a retweet, we had a punter, it was all good. We wouldn't have to give all the prizes to ourselves, someone would be walking away with the picnic rucksack from SA Fruits at least. We just needed 4 more people to win the Change For Life and other goodies.

!0.29 and I've never felt so nervous......(well, except when I had my driving test, my children, got engaged, job interviews, first day at school, kids first days at school and some other stuff )....

10.30 arrived, Pippa went for it, and stunningly, people replied! We had people! Actual people had turned up and were ready to talk to us and join in. Real live people. Ten minutes in and we were trending. I cannot begin to tell you how many cool points this gains me with the teenagers. In fact, half an hour in not only was #HealthySnackChat trending, it was up there at the top! It was in first place above Suarez the Zombie Footballer, as at least one very vigilant and witty young man noticed....

By the time I had to get my questions ready it was a bit manic, there were conversations going off at tangents everywhere, people were posting photo's, we had fishmongers and fruit snack companies adding their suggestions. I could barely spot anyone actually replying to me.

The incredibly cute daughter of Laura YummyMummyFlabbyTummy with her healthy snack!

The last 15 minutes was all a bit of a blur, trying to catch up with what people had said and answered and I hadn't spotted. And then I had to go do nursery pick up and leave everyone to it, and they were all still talking. Win.

There were some amazing answers and brilliant ideas. It was fascinating finding what everyone feeds their children for snacks and Capture By Lucy joining in with her beautiful Bento boxes was an absolute pleasure.

The Gorgeous Seaside themed Bento from Capture By Lucy

In case you want to catch up, the highlights were kindly captured by Storify 

The winners were -

Winners for the mini prizes are

Winners for the rucksack are
@cherylp59 (during the event)
@thesoupdragon44 (retweets before the event)

Huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part, I hope you all learned something, we certainly did.

I'll leave you with a photo that was posted later on by the self-confessed tyrant BlueBearWood, whose clearly angelic daughters have possibly invented next years healthy feeding trend - #ChildLedSnacking

Frozen peas and sweetcorn - delicious!


  1. It was a great twitter party! Well done to you all for hosting and keeping the conversation flowing :)

    1. It really wasn't us - you lot all ran away with it, it was brilliant. Thank YOU for your input :)

  2. Thank you Laura for joining in with us!

  3. Lol, before reading this, I was already wondering if you wanted to do a Twitter Party on Plus Plus (and that feature I was talking about in mail)together with our other reviewers :)
    The topic is not as engaging as the one above but I would not know how to set it up!

    Well done!

    1. We are loving the Plus Plus - it's on the table right now. I haven't really much experience, we really were helped by the excellent quality of our guests! :)

  4. Sounds great - wish I had made it! Well done!

  5. Sorry I missed out! Sounds like a good one. I was really pleased the other day when Austin told his friend that 'apples and yoghurt are a treat too' (as well as biscuits, that is). I'm hoping this sentiment continues, although judging by the horrified look on his friend's face, I suspect Austin might grow out of that view quite quickly.....

    1. Mine definitely think yogurt is a treat! Even the teenagers are very happy if they get a fromage frais :D

  6. I had no idea you were doing it! How rubbish am I? Super well done on the trending :)

    1. Aww, thank you hon! I shall make sure you get an invite to the next one.... :D


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