Monday 21 October 2013

Halloween Round up!

It's just over a week until Halloween, so I've put together some of my Halloween posts, and some of my favourite posts I've seen from other blogs...

 Decorations and accessories...

Obviously pumpkins are important, and it's possible you might find some inspiration from my lot, or else you'll find some 'what not to do when working with kids' help at least! If you don't fancy pumpkins then you could try some different spooky fruit ideas here or here.

For decorating the house and table, Hobbycraft have a great range of Halloween goodies or why not try making this egg box Ghost And Bat Bunting or some Giant Sparkly Spiders.

If you're not certain where you're going to keep your Halloween booty, how about a personalised Trick Or Treat bag or these brilliant Lego Storage Heads? Available from loads of stockists - the best price I can find at the moment is around £15 each - but they do last forever...or at least until the zombie apocalypse...

Lego storage heads halloween pumpkin


Why not make your own costumes? This paper mask is simple and quick and it's got glitter and glue, perfect.
If you don't feel crafty or you're running out of time then this Emergency Costumes In A Box might just be the thing!



I have a Halloween giveaway to win 3 bags of Swizzels Matlow sweets in time for Halloween, but if sweets aren't your thing then a great alternative for Trick Or Treaters is Halloween Pom Bears. There's a great Pom Bear Party Pack giveaway here too!

How about some baking? We made Revolting Rotten Cupcakes at the weekend...they look horrible but taste delicious and your young people can practically make them by themselves...

You and your children can also work together making these no-cook Witches Hats or a whole Gathering Of Ghosts...

If your artistic and baking talents extend beyond standard, you can always have a go at this amazing Spooky Halloween Cave Cake shown below....


If you have Plus Plus 2D and 3D building blocks then there is a Halloween themed giveaway over on The Toadstool, and Orchard Toys are giving away a copy of one of our favourite games on their Facebook page ~ Spooky Steps!

There are loads of great books around for children with a Halloween theme. A couple of the best are covered here or maybe your children prefer activity books.

I don't know quite how helpful the animated Scooby Doo or the puppet Scooby Doo would really be if you see a ghost this Halloween, but I'm doubting Tom and Jerry would be any better. If you fancy your stories a little more gruesome we have Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids DVD which is another giveaway with 3 copies up for grabs!

Finally, something for the grown ups....when the little ones are in bed and you settle down for the night to watch a DVD......please don't forget How To Survive A Horror Movie....

Thank you to the following Bloggers for the links in this post ~ Over 40 And A Mum To One, In The Playroom, Blue Bear Wood, The Soup Dragon Says, ET Speaks From Home, Life Of Spicers, Mummy's Little Stars, Red Rose Mummy, Mummy Of Two and Zing Zing Tree.

All the giveaways linked are live and have at least a few days left to run (at the time of posting).


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    1. It's amazing isn't it? I wish I could think up things like that :)

  2. Some great ideas to liven up Halloween! We always seem to be away so never get around to do much, this year is no exception!

    1. You don't have to be at home to celebrate and have fun! :)

  3. these are some great ideas for Halloween. We have just started making decorations for our spooky party.

  4. Thanks for the mention! Still waiting for first person to Link-up! ;)

    1. Hahaha....I'll get my teenagers onto it - everyone's killer busy because it's the end of term :D

  5. Those LEGO heads look fab! Spooky Steps is an excellent Halloween game!

    1. Cheers Laura :)
      spooky steps is just perfect for Halloween :D

  6. So cute post.. I am big fan of Halloween..You have added genius ideas and yummy recipes in your round up which makes my kids holiday healthy and exciting too..Thanks

  7. What a nice post is Halloween Round up! I like it . Thanks for sharing this post . For details lego storage and display ideas.


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