Tuesday 18 November 2014

Hexbug Nano Glow-In-The-Dark review.

We were introduced to Hexbug a little while ago because our 6 year old chose a Hexbug Nano Black Hole set for his birthday in September. The Hexbugs themselves actually remind you of little bugs, skittering around the floor propelled by their vibrating spiky rubber legs and in some cases antennae.

Hexbug Nano Glow-In-The-Dark review.

We were offered the chance to review Hexbug Nano glow-in-the-dark and Hexbug Zombie Aquabot. We've already reviewed the Aquabots, and today I can tell you about the Hexbug Nano.

 Hexbug Nano Glow-In-The-Dark review.

Hexbug Nano are very small, around 4cm long. They are available in different varieties including specials like those which can climb up tubes and expand your playing area through different levels, and of course glow-in-the-dark versions.

Hexbug Nano and hexbug climbers

We were sent 2 glow-in-the-dark Hexbug Nano's in blue and white. The glow-in-the-dark, as with the Zombie Aquabot, is really very good and you can tell even in daylight that they have a faint glow.

Glow in the dark Hexbugs white and blue

They're battery powered with a small switch underneath. As soon as you flick the switch they start vibrating, and it's this which moves them forward - and they're really quite fast!

Hexbug nano underneath - how it works

We set up part of our Black Hole set so that they could run about. And of course it's far more fun if you turn the lights off!

The Hexbug Nano will turn whenever they run into anything, and seemingly at random, and if they bump and turn upside down they'll usually flip themselves back over, although they do flounder for a while sometimes before they manage it.

Hexbug nano glowing in the dark

My boys were really impressed. They'll still run on our rug, but not entirely successfully and can't deal with a carpet that has a good depth of pile, but any smooth floor is perfect. They're no good at running around the table unless you build them a habitat or barriers, because they fall off in seconds, although you can easily catch and move them, they aren't as delicate as you might suspect.

They're a brillint introduction to robots and really encourage logic and puzzle-solving - building them a habitat where they can run about without escaping can be quite tricky!

The Hexbug Nano Glow-In-The-Dark start at only £4 each and I think that makes them an excellent choice for a stockingfiller for any child - although watch the prices online because they're out of stock direct from Hexbug right now, and I was able to find them on sale today at ridiculous prices up to an astounding £16.30 each! - some people really are happy to make themselves rich at the expense of everyone else's Christmas.

They're available at all regular toy shops and mainly at fair prices! There's also a starter set with a small habitat which has an rrp. of £13.00.

We were sent out Hexbug Nano's for review. 


  1. Never tried these but the glow in the dark ones look great. I can imagine my two having fun with these!

    1. They're so reasoonably priced as an extra gift that we'll definitely be buying them for children's birthday's. Loads of fun, they really are. My son has more of them on his Christmas list :)

  2. I'm quite looking forward to one day having Hex Bugs in our house. They look like the sort of thing Hubby and I would quite like but have no excuse to buy just yet! x

    1. Definitely! Building them little tracks where they can't escape is easily as much fun for adults :D

  3. Replies
    1. They are cool Eileen, such technology packed into a tiny little bug :)

  4. My grandkids would find this so fascinating.

  5. These look really cool and would make a great stocking filler!


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