Monday 24 November 2014

The Green Submarine (Toy Review age 6 months+)

We love Green Toys. They are plastic, but they're very special because they're made entirely from recycled milk bottles. The finish is gorgeous, with a dappled, warm feel to the touch - very much like a milk bottle, and the toys themselves are designed to inspire children into creative play, stretching their imaginations and understanding of the world.

Green Toys Recycled Plastic Submarine review

Our 6th Green Toy review is one that my boys have played with a lot - mainly because it's taken up residence in the bathroom! The Submarine is such a simple toy, but this one is very carefully thought out, and offers masses of play value. 

Green Toys Recycled Plastic Submarine review Dishwasher Safe Toys

The opening lid isn't only useful for cleaning, it also opens up the interior of the submarine for older children to play with small figures (it's usually dinosaurs here actually). When you can transport characters and cargo you can really use your imagination. Instead of only 'who fits in here?', your child starts to wonder 'why are they in here?'.

opening submarine hatch

Green toys recycled bath and sensory play toy

There's actually more detail than you'd realise. The propellor on the back doesn't turn, so isn't a hazard to hair or fingers and mouths for younger children, and if necessary you could disassemble the entire Submarine - probably to rescue a Triceratops in our house...

Green toys recycled plastic bath and sensory play toy

There's a lovely open mouth which makes the submarine look like a whale, but is great for pouring dry sand or water or many other types of sensory play. 

Green toys recycled plastic submarine with whale face

Like all Green Toys  the submarine can be played with in water, washed and even put in the dishwasher. 

Green toys recycled plastic submarine in the bath

It's in the bath that our submarine is spending Winter. It's actually great for rinsing my children's hair! The handle on the back is my favourite feature. Long enough for adult hands, yet slim enough for tiny hands, the handle makes the submarine very portable, it can glide through the water or sail across the carpet without having to be shoved.

Green toys recycled plastic submarine pouring water

Of all the Green Toys we've played with, the Submarine has had the greatest use. Right from the start it was my 4 year old's favourite, and despite it's seeming simplicity, it's proof that you can't beat a classic.

Green toys recycled plastic submarine play in garden

The Green Toys Submarine has an rrp of £9.99 and is one of a large range of different vehicles available from Green Toys - many priced under £10. 

All of our other Green Toys reviews are listed at the bottom of the Green Toys Cookware review page.

We were sent our submarine for review.


  1. Replies
    1. It is really nice actually, so simple but so much to do in it :)

  2. We love Green Toys too, almost as good as wooden ones ;) This submarine is very cute, love the pouring photo - I can imagine it being great in the paddling pool in summer x

  3. This looks so much fun. Simple and traditional. Perfect


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