Friday 13 March 2015

Chemist Direct Review

Getting the chance to review an online Chemist was a job I nearly turned down until I considered it properly. I always need stuff from the Chemist, my teenagers always want stuff from the Chemist, and it's always a pain in the neck to go to the Chemist. An online option surely is a brilliant thing.

Chemist Direct Review

My 15 year old daughter helped me with this review, in fact she could barely contain her excitement, so I let her look at the website first. She was using her mobile phone and found it very easy to navigate around the site. Within minutes she was sending me screenshots and links to products that she wanted - and she was very sensible! She even ordered items for the other teenagers too.

Chemist Direct Review Quinoderm image

I used the site on my laptop, again it was incredibly easy to navigate around and find what I wanted, as well as alternatives and cheaper options, or more highly rated options. Each item has a rating from 0-5 stars, and links to customer reviews. I think that's incredibly useful as items you buy in a Chemist might be less likely to have been reviewed elsewhere.

Chemist Direct Review Lipstick image

I did eventually convince my daughter to be a bit less sensible, and browse the make up and beauty. It was here that I feel one of the real benefits of Chemist Direct is evident - the prices! My daughter's lipstick was half price, and everything she chose was discounted from RRP.

Chemist Direct Review L'Oreal Skin Perfector image

Checkout was incredibly easy. We had a discount code to use and I was able to pay the balance with Paypal, and I received an email later that day confirming my order. My only gripe with the whole process is that once my order was placed, I wasn't able to view my current order online - until I received the email with it listed.

Chemist Direct Review plain packaging

Delivery was very quick - only a couple of days, and the packaging was completely plain. I might have only been buying bathroom supplies, but Chemist Direct sell all kinds of personal and intimate things (really, if you can think of it, they might sell it). I think it's great that my postman didn't have a clue my order was from a Chemist.

Chemist Direct Review inside the plain packaging

Everything was in pristine condition, and the most delicate item was wrapped in bubble wrap.

My order cost £61.20 (delivery is free for orders over £40), and for that I got everything you see below. The manufacturers recommended prices would have made that order £90.18 and I would have had to go and find it in local Chemist shops and supermarkets. I saved myself £28.98 by getting my shopping delivered.

Chemist Direct Review selection of shopping

I was very impressed with Chemist Direct, and I will definitely be using it again. It's brilliant to find all kinds of Chemist supplies in one place, and I couldn't find my order cheaper elsewhere. This is especially brilliant for people who live away from big towns and cities, where shopping generally costs more, and takes a long drive or bus journey to find, or for people with babies, disabilities or who just don't have the time, or can't get about as well as they'd like.

Chemist Direct are a real Pharmacy, and I was asked to supply information about the user for two of my products, just as you would be in person. It took seconds and actually made me feel quite secure and that they are definitely responsible. You can even choose to have your prescriptions delivered through Chemist Direct, or speak to a Doctor, or ask questions for Pharmacy staff to answer.

My full order:

Dove Deodorant £2.39 save 60p
2 x Multivitamins £6.66 save £3.33
Balmosa Cream £1.79 save 14p
Driclor Triple Pack £13.79 save £7.20
Witch Doctor £2.59 save 40p
Freederm £7.69 save £1.45
Eucerin Cleanser £6.06 save £3.12
L'Oreal Skin Perfection £8.57 save £4.42
L'Oreal Lipstick £5 save £4.99

Total savings £28.98

I was given a discount code in order to review.


  1. What a bargain and it's so much more convenient when time is precious to order online

    1. It really was. I can't believe I've never thought of it before - so incredibly simple! :)

  2. I love that they deliver very quickly and also good bargain.

    1. Yeah, absolutely. You really couldn't ask for much more! :)


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