Wednesday 17 June 2015

A special Bacon Butty for Father's Day...

Roberts Bakery asked bloggers if we could come up with a Father's Day Bacon Butty creation. They want to bring out Dad's soft and fluffy side by plying him with a delicious bacon butty on Father's Day morning.

I'm not a meat eater, but my partner is, and bacon is one of his favourites. It's also a regular weekend breakfast here, so I was happy to take on the job for his benefit.

A special bacon butty for Father's Day

Roberts Bakery sent us a hamper so that we had everything we needed, and we tested the loaf with your basic simple bacon sandwich. 

A special bacon butty for Father's Day with Robert's Bakery Bread

Roberts bread is good and thick, and a little denser than bread we often get around here while still being nice and soft. This makes it great for a little bit of manhandling and a good bread for a more special bacon sandwich....
A different  bacon sandich for Father's Day with Robert's Bakery Bread

The Bacon Wrapped Cheese Sandwich. 

Legend has it the original recipe was created by, and whoever thought this up clearly had no worries about cholesterol. This is a rare dish best saved for incredibly special occasions, such as Father's Day.

Cut your crusts off (not incredibly manly, I know), and then  make a cheese sandwich. I chose a slice each of Leerdammer and Smoked cheese for flavour and creaminesss, and I added a shake of Paprika for a little kick.

Bacon wrapped cheese sandwich recipe

Wrap your cheese sandwich in bacon. Streaky bacon is best, but naturally we bought the wrong type and are using smoked back bacon. Wrap first one way, and then the other and you should have a bacon parcel.

Cheese sandwich wrapped in bacon how to recipe

The world's best bacon butty recipe

Then fry it on a medium heat. Turn it down low if necessary and don't let it burn, but ensure it cooks long enough so that all the bacon is cooked through. ..

Cooking a Cheese sandwich wrapped in bacon instructions

I find the 'double spatula' method of turning your sandwich works very well...

Cooking instructions bacon wrapped cheese sandwich fried

Cook until you have reached the perfect level of crispiness - turning the ring to high if necessary. I'd assumed the cheese would leak out constantly, but actually it doesn't because fried cheese plugs the holes....

Cooking method bacon wrapped cheese sandwich fried

Et voila! A once a year breakfast containing enough calories to get you safely back from the top of the Eiger....
Bacon Wrapped Cheese Sandwich Recipe Instructions

The Roberts bread did maintain it's shape inside the sandwich, and was apparently 'delicious' according to my partner....

Roberts Bakery are asking everyone to consider joining them in making Dad a bacon butty this weekend for Father's Day, and they'll be uploading hints and tips to their Facebook Page over the next few days. Why not upload a photo and show them yours?


  1. We love Roberts bread - that sandwich looks immense! x

    1. It's good isn't it. We get it in Costco in 4 packs and freeze it because we use over a loaf a day :)

  2. OMG! They look amazing! I would love to eat it! Delicious!

    1. Come round Eileen! I'll gladly cook you two of them! :D

  3. Ive tried this and it is amazingly good!

    1. :D Good to know! It is incredibly simple and very different - a very nice treat for my OH at the weekend!

  4. Oh my god - why have I never seen this before?!?!?!?! AMAZING!!!!!!!

    1. Hahaha - thank you for your comment Emily! Very decadent, but it is Winter - those extra calories are vital for warmth ;)

  5. That honestly looks like the best breakfast ever, and that's coming from someone who had eggs benedict for breakfast today!

  6. oh wow that looks so yummy

  7. this looks so good - kinda like a heart attack waiting to happen but i deffo have to give it a try

  8. Looks like a great xmas breakfast!
    (I am about 2 miles from Roberts Bakery, the smell is awesome when you drive past)

    1. Thank you! And I bet it is! It's nice enough in a supermarket or at home - it's a much bigger scale!

  9. Funnilyvenough i was watching the greatest foods of all tim this morning
    The humble bacon butty with real butter was No 2 thumbs up gor our local bakery love their btead


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