Wednesday 30 September 2015

Halloween Specialbuys from ALDI

We reviewed some of the Halloween Specialbuys from ALDI last year and they were ace, so I'm very happy to bring you a preview look at a few of this year's new products, which will be on sale from tomorrow Thursday 1st October - not least of which the utterly insane and fantastic Banjo Playing Skeleton!!

ALDI will have a range of Children's Halloween Boppers and Spectacles. We were sent the Witches Spectacles and the Spider Bopper. They're well made from felt and fluff and there's no visible glue. At £1.79 each they're a nice accessory and great for kids who don't like masks.

The LED Tea Light Holder is great. Decorated all around with one of four available designs, and sparkly even without a tealight. In fact it's powered by 3 x AAA batteries and safe for children as LED's don't even emit heat.

The LED Tealight Holders cost £1.79 each. The LED's are colour changing, with a nice smooth flow through the colours, it isn't flashy. I love LED tealights because they are so safe, and we have several - they were invaluable last time we had a power cut!

The final item I was sent is just so fantastic I can hardly begin to describe it. A Banjo Playing Skeleton. It really is something else. Just 'WOW'.

He's very well made and has so far survived my 5 year old's attention. His face is actually really creepy, but as soon as he starts playing 'She'll be coming round the mountain' on his banjo, you can't help but laugh....

If you want to listen and watch the skeleton in action - I posted a video to my Instagram account, but sharing it here is beyond my skills, so here's the's worth it, honest...

The Banjo Playing Skeleton, Dancing Boy Skeleton, Dancing Girl Skeleton and DJ Skeleton (I'm saving up!) all cost £7.99. Well worth the laugh.....

The full ALDI Halloween Specialbuys range, including loads of costumes costing an incredibly reasonable £3.99 goes on sale tomorrow - 1st October until stock runs out.


  1. I shall have to go and have a look the costumes they have look great. I love the look of that skeleton!

    1. The skeleton is awesome - and totally hilarious. So loud though and my son just plays it over and over, so we're limiting how often he's allowed down from his shelf :D


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