Tuesday 1 September 2015

Smart Eggs 2-Layer Labyrinth Puzzle Eggs

Smart Eggs are a great new puzzle which is as beautiful to look at as it is to attempt. Each egg is designed very differently and offers a unique 3D labyrinth puzzle experience. The much larger 2-layer Smart Eggs are considerably more challenging than the single layer, but all are a tactile puzzle that fidgets and whittlers will adore.

We recently reviewed the single-layer Smart Eggs and now we've been sent a 2-layer Smart Egg to try. There really is a world of difference between them, and the (recommended age 10+) 2-layer puzzles make the single layer eggs look like a training model.

The 2-layer Smart Egg is well packaged and differs from the single layer in that it houses a core inside which turns independently, and can even be partially removed  from the outer. Both the outer and the core have a maze or labyrinth and it is up to you to insert the rod into the top and move it through the maze until you can remove it from the bottom. Because there are two layers, you are in effect moving through both labyrinths at once.

As well as the differences in the layers of the puzzle, the 2-layer Smart Eggs are an all together more impressive item, with a metal rod and a stand. The larger size allows for a much more complex design, both in the plastic labyrinth itself and the printing on the surface of the plastic.

We've had the 2 Layer Smart Egg now for a couple of weeks, and after being able to solve and work out the single layer eggs I have to admit to not being able to complete this one yet! We do have one winner though, and he was rightfully very proud of himself!

Smart Eggs are available in a large range of difficulties and designs. All are gorgeous and a lovely thing to play with. There's a real sense of satisfaction when you complete a puzzle, and only a hint of frustration when they've been sat sideways on the mantlepiece on their stand with a rod sticking out of them for a few days!

2-layer Smart Eggs make an excellent gift and have been brought to the UK by Esvedium Games. They will soon be available at Waterstones with a recommended price of £11.99. Single layer Smart Eggs retail at £5.99. We feel that price is very fair and it's exactly the sort of thing that we usually buy Grandad for Christmas...

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