Monday 28 September 2015

The Magic Door Store Review and Reader Discount Code.

At some point in our lives we've all believed in fairies, and if you are lucky you still do. Strange, beautiful swirling and swooping creatures who dance around and leave a trail of glitter, much like your average 5 year old girl. The Magic Door Store lets you invite them into your home, but not just fairies, all magical friendly little people are welcome, including elves.

The Magic Door Store Review and Reader Discount Code.

We've been sent My Elf Door to review, and the first thing I noticed was just how lovely it actually is. A miniature Colonial 6 Panel door complete with metal door knocker and escutcheon, and a moulded surround.

My Elf Door review

Inside the box was also a note welcoming the little people, some fixing putty, and a small pot of Magic Dust, perfect for adding footprints or just sprinkling around to show that your little visitor has been.

My Fairy or Elf Door with Magic Dust review

I'm really impressed with the quality of my Elf Door, it looks gorgeous and is beautifully made. It's a nice size and looks impressive, and it will definitely be noticed at 20cm tall. It is flat backed, but rests quite nicely against skirting. We are fortunate to have a section of flat wall near the front door, so I put ours there.

My miniature front door for Fairy or Elf  review

It didn't take very long for my 5 year old to spot it!

He knocked on the door, but I told him it was likely the Elves only visit when there's no-one around because they're shy. Humans can't open the door anyway - it's magic.

I'm really impressed with the quality, and if you are doing Elf On The Shelf or have the Tooth Fairy visiting then they're a lovely addition. The Magic Door Store sell Elf and Fairy Doors in 6 different colours each, and have lots of gorgeous little accessories at very reasonable prices, including milk bottles (£3), a Christmas Door Wreath (£2) and you can add number stickers to your order for (£1).

Magic Doors cost £20, and until December 18th my readers can get a 15% discount by using the code 15thebrickcastle when buying from The Magic Door Store online.


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    1. It is really cute actually. It is stuck to the wall at the bottom of the stairs now and it always makes me smile :)


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