Wednesday 25 November 2015

TinyMe Personalised Family Calendars Review

In my Christmas Present Giveaways I'm giving away a TinyMe £40 voucher, and here's a lovely example of what you can buy if you win. This year for the first time they're creating Personalised Calendars, and we were sent a voucher to order one for review.

TinyMe Personalised Family Calendars Review

Creating my calendar was a 5 minute job. It really was incredibly easy. The personalisation includes the wording on the front, the pattern or print, the inside layout with columns or a grid, and for most styles you can also choose the colours.

TinyMe are unusual in that colour is really important and not just a 'pink or blue' option. They usually allow you to change your product by altering the colour tones or overall shade, but the choices given are really carefully chosen muted shades, regularly printed in pattern as seen in our review of the Trucks And Diggers Wall Stickers.

TinyMe products take a week or so to arrive because of the level of personalisation, but they're worth the wait. They are very beautiful products which feel special and make gorgeous gifts.

I chose 4 columns for our calendar and was very pleased to see that still leaves ample space for writing. This is a really big calendar -  310mm x 440mm, with space for up to 6 columns if you wish.

Each page is full colour. Our chosen pattern is a row of friendly monsters across the bottom of each page. My 7 year old thinks 2 of them are doing the bunny ears thing to the big blue guy, and I think he might be right.

Everything I've ever ordered has arrived in perfect condition even when the packaging has been soaked by rain - vital when you are ordering paper goods. Just as I was about to throw my packaging in the recycling I spotted an added secret bonus...

The entire inside of the calendar box is covered in full size cut outs to cut out and make glasses and beards and hats and have a half hour laughing with the kids. Awesome. TinyMe have huge amounts of gorgeous free printables available on their website too!

Clever cardboard packaging from TinyMe

Our TinyMe Personalised Family Calendar costs £19.99. That is a bit more than I'd usually pay for a calendar for myself, but it makes such a lovely gift that I'd happily pay that price to buy one for family - I love the space that it has for writing and it's so big it'll be incredibly handy, but isn't an ugly eyesight that'll fill my room. I should maybe learn to spoil myself more often!

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