Tuesday 8 December 2015

The Works Christmas Gifts 2 for £10 Review

This Christmas The Works are offering a huge range of Christmas gifts to suit everyone - priced at the very reasonable £7 each, or 2 for £10. They've sent me a selection to review, to find out if they really can please all of my lot for a fiver each.

I honestly expected a small box, so the giant one which arrived was a complete surprise! The contents were also a very pleasant shock - instantly they looked much better quality than I'd anticipated, and so much more for your £5 than I'd have believed.

The Works Christmas Gifts 2 for £10 Review

The Works Christmas Gifts 2 for £10 DVD and Book Review

Grand Prix Driving Legends DVD And Book Set - a 2hour 50 minutes DVD and 128 page hardback book profiling 100 of the finest driver's careers and achievements. Definitely good for a novice and interesting to anyone who likes Grand Prix, but not in depth enough for an expert. This'll do nicely for my 21 year old - he's always liked Grand Prix, but never really got massively into it, so he'll enjoy this.

Telly Addict Game Shows DVD And Book Set - a slightly larger format 128 page hardback book accompanies this interactive DVD family game. These DVD games are always good for a laugh over Christmas and I have absolutely no doubts that it'll give us a good evening's entertainment together as a family. The book has information about a range of TV game shows and their hosts, and it is a little dated, but quite nostalgic!

The Works Christmas Gifts 2 for £10 Nail Pen Salon Review

Zap! Nail Pen Salon. This is a nice instruction book and nail pen set, which my teenage daughter will love. 2 double-ended pens are included with 4 colours of nail varnish, allowing you to create some really intricate designs!

The Works Christmas Gifts 2 for £10 Nail Pen Salon Review
Coolest Spy set for kids backwards looking glasses

Spy Master Gift Set is my favourite. This is actually a very cool set with glasses that REALLY see behind you. It's awesome fun and the kids haven't even seen it yet.

Secret agent spy set reverse view glasses invisible ink

Also included in the set is a book full of secret codes, and a Secret Marker which writes invisibly and a separate Developer Marker. Frankly which child wouldn't think this was awesome. Recommended for age 8+

150 trick children's magic set

Magic Magician Set is an immense set for your money. 150 different tricks to try and a host of magician's equipment. The instruction manual is very condensed and has no images, so the recommended age of 10+ is right for this set as a younger child might just *gulp* at the sight of it.

Buying Christmas gifts can mean running around 427 shops to locate something that suits everyone. There are always last minute top ups and stockingfillers, or surprise guests who you weren't expecting to have to buy for, and it can be virtually impossible to choose something when you don't know someone very well. I'm all in favour of having a bit of fun at Christmas and I think for a fiver each (buy 2 for £10 or £7 each) you really can't hope for better than the £5 gift selection offered by The Works.

Available now in store or online on The Works website. 

With over 200 items to choose from, you are going to be able to find a Christmas tree present to suit anyone...


  1. I love shopping at the works. They have so many stuffs and at a great deal.

    1. They do! I always get some last minute bits from them :D


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