Friday 12 February 2016

Not 18.

Today Elspeth is not 18.

She won't be opening presents from her mates, or choosing what to buy with her birthday money. Her brothers won't be getting excited like little brothers do and waking everyone up early.

There won't be any post, no visitors, no giggling, no laughter.

She won't be taken out for her first legal drink by her Dad, and she won't get her first 2am passout.

She won't ever be driving us home.

She won't be starting the rest of her adult life and all that it holds onto.

She never got the chance to realise that being an adult can be great. She couldn't wait long enough.

We wish she could have waited, and we will eat cake, and we will always miss her...

Happy Birthday Elspeth x


  1. I couldn't scroll past this and not comment. Happy Birthday Elspeth

  2. Oh Jenny, sending you all lots of love as always xx

  3. Happy birthday and big hugs xx

  4. Happy 18th birthday in the stars Elspeth - I hope it was one hell of a party up there xx

  5. Happy birthday to a very special girl. You're always in our thoughts xx


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