Wednesday 10 February 2016

Storytime Magazine (age 2-11) Review and Discount Code

Storytime Magazine has the aim to move away from 'free gifts' and TV tie-ins, and deliver good old fashioned tales. Myths and legends from around the world and from throughout the history of writing, side by side with brand new children's stories and poems written by unknown authors or Children's Laureates.

Storytime Magazine (age 2-11) Review and Discount Code

I love to hear my children read to me. I feel waves of pride listening to my 5 and 7 year olds put on voices, pay attention to exclamation marks and 'sound out' those tricky words as they stride through yet another story. They have a love of books and reading which started before they were even able to sit up, as we sat them on our knee and shared picture books and cloth books with them.

Just as reading together is great for babies, it's great for my children now. We read most nights, but the difference is that we take it in turns. I love hearing them read as much as they still love to hear me read. Storytime magazine is perfect for bedtime reading together for children aged 2 to 11.

Your magazine is delivered to your home once a month, addressed to your child if you wish, in a nice envelope which instantly gives it away....

Each Storytime magazine has 6 stories and a poem or two, as well as activities, puzzles, ideas and history related to the stories and poems.

Storytime magazine review puzzles activities

The stories themselves really vary, I was very surprised to see that actually just about any suit my 5 and 7 year old boys - the more boisterous for them to read to me, the calmer tales for me to read to them just before bed, the funny stories to read together earlier in the day.

Everything we've read so far has been really interesting and held our attention throughout. Last night we read Monkey Hats, a reworking of an old Buddhist fable, as chosen by my 5 year old.

Storytime magazine review inside pages

Monkey Hats actually has an amazing twist at the end, and is hilarious. My 7 year old was really giggling and 'jaw to the ground' in shock at how clever and unexpected it was. It was a lovely moment.

Classic story magazine for children

The whole of Storytime magazine is beautifully illustrated, with a soft, rounded style running throughout. It's modern and bright, and has a familiar 'cartoon' feel for the children reading. The illustrations are nicely woven alongside the text on each page, making great use of space and adding a lot of interest.

If you don't fancy the idea of poems then think again. These are not what you remember from school, they're children's poems and far more fun. The first poem we came across was by one of my favourite authors, Michael Rosen, and explains exactly Where Does Broccoli Come From? Giant's armpits, obviously...

Michael Rosen Broccoli poem

Storytime magazine costs £4 per issue, with savings for subscriptions.  Enter the code BRICK on the Storytime subscription order page and you'll get your first issue FREE and then 12 issues for up to 35% off - currently £30.99, which works out at £2.38 per issue.

We were sent our magazines for review.


  1. We love Storytime here. In fact, my daughter's latest copy has just arrived today :)

    1. Kids love it when they get post don't they? I bet she'll be really pleased when she sees it :) Hope you enjoy!


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