Wednesday 11 May 2016

LEGO The Angry Birds Movie Piggy Pirate Ship Set 75825 Review

It's been a while, but I'm delighted to announce we have been selected as LEGO Family Bloggers for the 3rd year running, and we are back with another LEGO review. This is from the brand new movie tie-in theme The Angry Birds Movie, and as we have a giant pirate ship in our house, what could be better than the Piggy Pirate Ship set 75825.

In the box there are no loose pieces, just 6 bags. With only 620 pieces there isn't an intimidating volume for a less experienced builder. The Angry Birds and Pigs themselves appear 1 by 1 in separate bags.

The instruction booklet is a thick book indeed. The instructions and design were easy enough for my 7 year old to follow, but it's quite a dense build and a little technical. He made one error, which he spotted himself and easily fixed.


This is an interesting build. Not only can you see the shape appearing quickly, but you will also find many internal moving parts and oddities. The oars 'row' back and forth and the paddle wheels turn as the Pirate Ship is pushed forward.

On either side of the ship is an opening window with a ledge. One side contains dynamite, and the other an apple. Obviously.

There is a turning series of cogs on the right hand side of the ship that lowers and raises the wrecking ball (anchor) at the back, and at the front of the ship is the crane to gather all of the eggs and bring them onto the ship.

Or not in our case...

The characters are instantly recognisable, very well done and completely unique. Red, Bomb, Pirate Pig and Leonard complete with pirate hat and proper swords.

LEGO angry birds Bomb and King Leonard

Play value with this set is immense. To help with your Angry Birds Movie recreation there is a secret compartment hidden underneath the ship's galley to keep Leonard's crown safe, and the galley has a recipe and pan to cook your eggs...

LEGO Angry birds secret galley compartment pirate ship

The ship has a 'wheelhouse' at the top, and this is where you also find one the most gorgeous features of any ship, the sails...

LEGO Angry Birds Pirate Ship wheelhouse red
Whoever invented Angry Birds was a genius. It completely captivates children, and as an excuse to be violent and smash stuff in a controlled way it's as perfect as Burnout on the Playstation. My boys have played with this completed model a lot. The LEGO Angry Birds Movie Piggy Pirate Ship comes to pieces very nicely when attacked, and goes back together just as quickly. Good job really...

This is an excellent set for stretching the design skills of a younger builder. It has loads of moving parts, and being able to look through the windows and see them is great. Play value is immense, and the easy destruction/rebuilding mean that no-one minds an attack from the Angry Birds to try and recover their eggs.

Angry Birds I feel must be one of the more expensive licences, but again in this set you are paying for the ingenuity of the design rather than the pieces of LEGO. Fair value for money. 

LEGO The Angry Birds Movie Piggy Pirate Ship set 75825 has 620 pieces and is recommended for age 7-14. The retail price is £59.99 and it is available now with free delivery and VIP points from the LEGO Shop online. We were sent ours to review as part of our role as LEGO Family Bloggers.


  1. This looks like a fabulous build with lots of great design features and I have to say Mister B would just adore the little Lego figures in this - he's Angry Bird mad!!

  2. This lego set looks fab. So much fun. My boys would love this xx

    1. It really is a playing set - the boys have played with it loads, and I love listening to them doing the character voices :D

  3. Looks great fun Thanks for sharing

    1. You're welcome Iris - thanks for reading and taking the time to comment :)

    2. My granddaughter likes pirates so it caught my eye

    3. I used to love pirates when I was younger - I still love to play it with my children. She has good taste! All the best pirates were women :)

  4. Replies
    1. It's a great little play set - the Piggies are fantastic! :)

  5. My boy would be over the moon seeing this...Crimbo sorted!

  6. Looking at this for my 6 year old who loves angry birds and lego
    Definitely a +

  7. I love the look of this set - I really think it'll appeal to my 6 year old son


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