Friday 6 May 2016

One Third Stories - Your Child's Chance To Win A Kindle

If you have competent young readers who have a good imagination then you could do worse than take a look at One Third Stories. Started by two men (Alex and Jonny) who have a love of languages and storytelling, One Third Stories start in English and end in a different language. The stories are incomplete, and readers aged up to 11 are asked to finish them, with the best entries winning prizes.

We were sent a paper copy of one of their stories to take a look, and my 7 year old especially really took an interest. Both boys were far more excited than I'd anticipated about the 'foreign' Spanish words which appeared in the story, and it's obviously a formula that really captures children's imaginations.

The tale is The Little Girl Who Lost Her Voice. Her words are blown away, and her cat helps her to find words so that she can speak again. Some of the words they find are not English, but they slot so well into the story that you and your child can't help but understand what they mean. The words are repeated, so you do actually learn them as you read.

My 7 year old has a great ending planned for The Little Girl Who Lost Her Voice, so we'll be entering before the closing date of 24th June 2016. Entries are open to any child under 11, by typed or drawn entry. 

You can find the beginning of the story and all you need to know about the competition on the One Third Stories website. 

One Third Stories are also currently giving away audiobooks in French and Spanish, so you can try them out yourself for free. The books retell the story of the Three Little Pigs, and the link to sign up can be found here - FREE BILINGUAL AUDIOBOOKS


  1. What a lovely idea - the gentle immersion in another language.

    1. It worked so well. My 7 year old remembers all he learnt! :)


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