Thursday 9 March 2017

Lush Cosmetics Easter Range Preview!

Lush hand make some of the most amazing cosmetics around, universally popular and a true indulgence. Lush products are hand made using fresh ingredients which are cruelty free, vegetarian, ethically sourced and GMO free. They are also really genuinely lush!

The Lush ranges include everything for personal care that you could possibly need, from shampoo and shaving, skin care and tooth polish to hair colour, perfume and cosmetics. A chance to check out their new releases for this Spring and Easter couldn't be missed, so I headed down to their Bury branch last night.

I have a very poor sense of smell, but I can still appreciate Lush. Sweet and fruity, it smells good enough to eat, even to me. It also looks amazing. Lush presents really are awesome presents.

Not only is everything beautiful to look at and smell, it is also designed to work. The ethically sourced ingredients are fresh and chosen for a purpose. The staff last night really knew their stuff, and were more than happy to answer any questions about stock.

Another feature of Lush is that you can try out most of what you can buy - especially good if you are particular, or you have sensitive skin, or you have my sense of smell and most florals are indistinguishable from mud.

I will be honest and admit I didn't realise just how many products Lush sell. I've visited before in a hurry or during busy times, and never had the chance to browse so much. Huge chunks of Henna that'll last for ages and tasty macaron style Soak And Float really caught my eye...

Lush Solid Henna and Soak and float

The attention to detail is really amazing when you consider the medium. The colours are fantastic, and the Baa Bar sheep were awesome - especially the odd-one-out!

I think Lush is best known for it's Bath Bombs, and they have plenty! In all colours and flavours - these bombs really work, they are not going to disappoint anyone.

On to the new Easter range and you'll be pleased to know that it does of course include Bath Bombs - as well as carrots, bunnies and chicks!

Which Came First bath bomb with grapefruit and lemon oils and vanilla...

Bunch Of Carrots reusable bubble bar - swish to create bubbles, put it to dry and use again next time.

Chick N Mix bath bomb - a chick with a tiny bunny inside!! 3 bombs in 1.

You always need a bit of sparkle, and it's provided perfectly by the Golden Egg bath bomb melt...

For a more sensible gift or treat, Wash Behind Your Ears shower gel is a jasmine and rose gel with neroli and sunflower. It is lovely and fresh, citrus but not sharp. I actually studied aromatherapy massage in a previous life, and neroli is a firm favourite of mine for it's 'feel-good factor'. A lovely way to start the day.

Chocolate Easter Egg is a bit more colourful than you might expect! Lemon oil and white chocolate in a soapy bar... My partner reminds you it won't taste as good as it looks...

The Flopsy face wash jelly I don't have a photo of, but it's exactly what is says - a yellow blancmange in the shape of a bunny. Love it or hate it, you can't deny it's fascinating...

The final item I'll mention is the Chocolate lip scrub. Made almost entirely from sugar, jojoba oil and dark chocolate, it really does leave my lips incredibly smooth and as a bonus, if I'm ever stranded I have an emergency meal! The dark chocolate flavour is subtle and lingering, and I like it much more than fruity lip balms.

Lush products are the kind of presents anyone is delighted receive as a gift, and maybe treat themselves to once in a while. They work as well as they look (which I'm told is as good as they smell). They are not cheap, but they are 'not cheap'. The bars last for ages and the more spectacular items really are special. Packaging is either beautiful bright and modern gift wrap or very minimal, and proves the point that less is very often more.

You can buy online, or visit your own local store. The Easter range is instore from tomorrow - Friday 10th March. Find out more on the Lush website.

I was treated to my evening at Lush Bury and given some products to photograph.


  1. I'm looking forward to trying the lip scrub myself prior to putting my lipstick on this weekend!
    I'm going to treat the kids to an easter bath bomb tomorrow night!

    1. Me too! I promised. Gosh qe are so soft. Why on Earth are we giving these things away to our children? :D

  2. ooh I love their stuff. This looks so much fun and we love bath bombs xx

    1. My boys are soooo excited - I've promised them half the 'chick egg' later and they talked of nothing else this morning :D

  3. I'm so excited about this range. Tried the Flopsy face thing and Chocolate lipscrub last night before bed. Hubby said: 'Ooh your face smells nice' so I think it got a thumbs up haha! Looking forward to trying out the Golden Egg soon - if my kids don't pinch it first of course ;)

    1. My daughter couldn't decide how to wash with Flopsy - and I'm no help! If your husband noticed and passed comment then it has to be a winner though! Hahaha I am looking forward to an indulgent bath bomb later myself... :)

  4. The thing I love most about Lush? Is actually walking into the store - the smell is amazing! Love their products!

    1. I struggle so much because I can't smell very well, but Lush always smells sweet and fruity to me - a lot of other 'soap' aisles smell like chemicals and I can't tell them from floor cleaner! :D


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