Friday 17 March 2017

Meccano 5in1 Motorcycle Set Review (age 8+)

Meccano is a time-served classic, and gives your child a host of useful skills that'll last them a lifetime. The 5 in 1 Motorcycle set is exactly as you'd expect, with instructions to build 5 different models using the same 174 parts - or just make up your own...

Inside the box the pieces are split into several small bags, and all fit nicely into the handy 'tray style' box. I love this, and it closes tight enough that it's a good place to store your spares and tools, or your entire set if you dismantle.

Meccano supports STEM activities in school and the National Curriculum - you can find out more about this on the Meccano website.

Instructions for 3 of the models are included in the booklet, the other two can be found online. The instructions are really clear, with life-sized images so that you collect the correct size of screw etc. As usual you have the two Meccano tools - which really are more 'multitool' than spanner and screwdriver.

We decided to make the 3rd 'Chopper' type of slung bike and couldn't find an essential screw. By checking all of the pieces against the contents list we discovered an exchange had been made. I'd have expected it to have been amended in the instructions. As this is a smaller set it was only half an hour head-scratching, but enough for my 8 year old to wander off and leave me to it.

Meccano is more complicated than other model building mediums, mainly because of having to hold several parts at once while threading nuts. It's tricky, but it's satisfying. The model itself wasn't really recognisable until the handlebars went on - another feature that makes the age 8+ in my eyes definitely right, and possibly 10+ will enjoy this more.

Once complete it's an impressive model which was a rewarding build. The Meccano makes it fascinating to look at (and look through) and the addition of a little colour definitely adds massively. The blue is lovely.

It'll need a little adjustment and tightening to get your model balanced for display, but then it'll stay where you put it. Play value is very limited. It does obviously move, but it'll need some tightening up during a longer road trip and that suspension is a bit tight for actual comfort.

This is a smaller set at £12.99 rrp.  Ideal for novice older builders, experienced youngsters or your general bike fan. The 5 models are very different and I think the design is excellent. It offers incredible value for your money and is a timeless classic that'll last until you can show the grandchildren.

The Meccano 5 in 1 Motorbike is available now from all good toy shops in store and online, including Amazon.

If you prefer more of a larger challenge we've previously reviewed the Meccano Motorised 4x4 Off Road truck and the Meccano Micronoid: Basher.

We were sent our Meccano to review.


  1. This looks fab. I loved Meccano as a child, but glad it's changed and is so much more kid friendly x

    1. Have you seen Meccano Junior? That's excellent for youngsters to get them used to tools. This set is really quite challenging to anyone, but great for older children - and grown ups! :D


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