Friday 24 March 2017

Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow review (age 8+)

The Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow from Nerf is very different to your usual dart shooter. Suitable for children aged 8+, it has crossbow design with a pull back string and manual action - and a 5 dart rotating drum! I can honestly say I love this - the kids like it too.

We like Nerf and we've reviewed a couple of their products in the past, as well as buying many over the years for our children. Nerf make reliable and effective dart shooters that always have plenty of power to impress and an aim straight enough for truly competitive target battles. The Outbreaker Bow is a fine example.

Super easy to put it together, the crossbow part and string simply slot on. They don't actually do anything, it's purely aesthetics, but it does make it an impressive and large weapon.

The zombie apocalypse 'I made this with whatever I could find' design is a great one actually. The different tools are an interesting touch (and a learning experience for the kids "ooh, adjustable spanner").

It's also great for children who maybe don't have a lot of hand and finger strength. One of the drawbacks of some Nerf is that the kids can't cock it themselves. The scissors provide an excellent handle to pull back fairly easily.

The Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow uses Nerf Elite darts and 5 are supplied in the bright green Zombie Nerf colours. Obviously you can use any Nerf darts which is always a relief when your kids lose theirs after about 15 seconds. These soft foam darts with a rubber tip are actually great for indoors, not so great outside as the green is hard to spot on grass!

Firing is by pulling back/cocking your Outbreaker Bow and then squeezing the trigger. No batteries, nothing complex. There is a 5 dart rotating drum, so you don't have to reload immediately and as with most Nerf, there's space to attach a sight on top if you want to be more precise.

We had a 7th birthday this week and my youngest specifically requested Nerf Wars for his party. General consensus was that the Outbreaker Bow was very good and it was definitely very popular.

Aim is something I love about this bow, although some of the others felt it was poor. Clearly it's down to technique, or maybe left handed/right handed line of sight. The firing rate is pretty good, although obviously a reload isn't fast, and it has all the power you expect from Nerf - easily competing with large battery-powered models.

My favourite of our Nerf Weapons - simple, effective and good looking, while being lightweight and well-balanced. An impressive size and a great price. Already a popular weapon here it'll get a lot of use, especially over Summer outside.

The Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow is available now from all good toy shops in store and online, including Amazon. The rrp is £21.99.

If you prefer your Nerf a little more souped-up, we have also reviewed the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire Blaster (age 8+).

We were sent our Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow for review.


  1. This looks fantastic. I have two boys who would love this. Adding to Christmas wish list xx

    1. It's such a nicely priced dart shooter - I love it. It's a definite favourite - although I can't tell you how many times I've been shot in the last week! :D


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