Monday 17 July 2017

Pie Face Sky High children's game review for Hasbro (age 5+)

Stunningly we've so far managed to avoid any games where we get a face covered in squirty cream, but our time has finally come thanks to our latest review for Hasbro. Pie Face Sky High! is a 3 feet tall version of a fairground 'Test Your Strength' machine, but instead of ringing the bell, you can splat someone else in the face...

Everything is bagged separately in the box to prevent scratching, and there are several parts. You'll need to assemble your game before you can play, and you need to allow about 10 minutes.

Pie Face Sky High is very easy to assemble and the instructions are clear - follow them though, because otherwise you'll have to take it apart to turn things the right way up or include parts you missed out at first. It all slots and clips together, and comes apart for cleaning and storage.

The hardest thing to assembly is adding the plastic sheet sides to the trunk - but thankfully once you've got them hooked on, they do stay put.

Pie Face Sky High has a base with 'difficulty' switch and rubber coated pedal that you hit to operate the machine. The whipped cream is placed on a large hand-shaped surface which goes upwards when the pedal is struck - if it reaches the top of the then the hand also flips upwards - flicking cream all over the loser....

Each player takes turns to be the one standing with their face in the mask hoping they won't be splatted, and the spinner/hitter who hopes they will! The spinner works really well and the difficulty is really easy to set on the base of the machine. 

We thought everyone would be covered in whipped cream, but it's actually quite hard!! In honesty success at this 'Test Your Strength' machine is more about speed than strength, and age is much less of an advantage than you'd think. It's almost impossible for anyone to get a win on 'hard' setting - almost...

Obviously you do need whipped cream to play and you'll have to clean up. Cleverly you actually put the cream on the 'back of the hand', so you use far less than it looks. There are no batteries or electrical parts and the entire assembly comes apart easily for washing or wiping. We played outside because it was gorgeous weather and I didn't trust my boys to be careful, but you can see spills were minimal and would be easy to wipe off lino.

Pie Face Sky High is definitely a novelty game and ideal for parties and family gatherings. You can have as many players as you want and everyone can take a turn. The winner is the first person to 'pie' other people 3 times and on easy setting this is possible even for a 5 year old, but never guaranteed however old you are. Loads of fun, no complicated rules to learn and it'll make everyone laugh.

Pie Face Sky High is for 2 or more players aged 5+. Made by Hasbro and available to buy now from all good games stockists including Smyths and The Entertainer rrp £29.99.

We were sent our Pie Face Sky High for review by Hasbro.


  1. Ha ha ha! That looks hilarious! A fab game to play outside when the weather is gorgeous :) xx

    1. It is a good laugh - it was perfect for outdoors. Much less messy than I anticipated though - they can play it indoors when it's cold :D


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