Thursday 21 September 2017

Lumie Bedbug Optimised Bedtime Nightlight For Children Review

Lumie make lighting products that are far more than 'just a light'. Well-known for their excellent Bodyclock which slowly increases in brightness to wake you gently and naturally, they have recently released a brand new product for children with the opposite aim, the Lumie Bedbug.

Just like the Lumie Bodyclock, the Bedbug makes best use of coloured lighting, but in the case of the Bedbug it is to help ease your child to sleep and it can also be left on as a gentle nightlight. Absolutely ideal for parents of babies or children who wake in the night or may need changing or attending to, this is an excellent way to have enough light to see without disturbing the whole house.

The packaging is super easy to open, with hardly any plastic and the cardboard insert offers excellent protection for your Bedbug.

I was really surprised when I first opened my Bedbug. He's rubbery! The Lumie Bedbug has a soft touch cover which helps mute the light and makes him much more friendly. My children are older than most who will use the Bedbug, but they do wake at night and still have trouble going back to sleep in full dark. Even they appreciate his cheerful smile.

The white light for evening has reduced blue light (which interferes with our ability to relax), and the 'going to sleep' lighting and nightlight have a warm orange glow which replicates sunset.

The controls could hardly be simpler and my 7 year old picked it up as quickly as we did. The second button is the light on/off, and then you can very easily adjust the light level using the + and - buttons either side.

The final button starts the 15 minute bedtime timer, which starts with white light and fades slowly and gradually to a gentle orange glow before going out. When you press it, the light flickers to let you know it's been set. I think that's a brilliant touch and nicer than having a timer running or a dial spinning - it's also silent and won't disturb your child.

You can also use the Lumie Bedbug as a nightlight, and there are three different settings with different light levels. If you want to, this can be combined with the bedtime timer, so that the light never actually goes off. The nightlight switch is really very sweet as it's disguised as a leaf...

Ease of control is brilliant, but the amount of control is what makes it so special. In a smaller room as a nightlight at the end of the bed, it's not necessary to have a lot of light. If you were trying to change a baby with a toddler also asleep in the room, you'd want more, but still less than a room light. When  I'm reading sat on the bed, or when my son reads to himself, we can dim or brighten the light to suit.

We love it. I think the Lumie Bedbug is brilliant and absolutely ideal for our needs.

My children will sleep in the dark, but won't 'go to sleep' in the dark, so the 15 minute timer is awesome. They always read at night, but no-one wants to have to get out of bed to turn the light off, especially not in Winter.

Our 7 year old can also have problems calming down for sleep and dimming the lights really helps, so he's the one who struck lucky by having this review item and his 9 year old brother is quite jealous!

The Lumie Bedbug Nightlight is available now priced £59.95. Lumie offer a 45 day free trial and each Lumie Bedbug comes with a 3 year guarantee.

We're also impressed with the Lumie Bodyclock for more grown up people - which we first looked at in November last year.

We were sent our Lumie Bedbug for review.


  1. Thank you for this fabulous post. I have a question. For a new parent that is researching the best baby products to buy, which product will you recommend as the must-have before every other product? Thank you.

    1. I think you can probably get away without buying anything except a buggy.


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