Thursday 8 February 2018

The Story Of Titanic For Children Book Review for Carlton Books (age 8+)

Probably the most famous shipwreck tale of all time, the story of the Titanic is fascinating to adults and children alike. The Story Of Titanic For Children by Joe Fullman is an excellent factual book which my 9 year old has poured over since it arrived.

This is a beautiful book and it's full of gorgeous illustrations and photographs. It is honest, but doesn't glorify or overplay any of the tragedies which happened when the Titanic sank. It is full of fascinating details and facts, as well as personal accounts and even sketches drawn by survivors.

The Titanic disaster is discussed very often, but there are still a few facts which are under speculation. This book doesn't condescend, it admits 'we aren't sure if this is exactly right'. My partner has long since been fascinated by the Titanic and he loves this book. He's a perfectionist and loves to find errors, so that very much satisfies me.

The vast numbers of people who lost their lives, and those who survived, are shown to be individuals and each one has their own tale, their own losses. You don't forget that these are people we are talking about, not numbers.

Quite mesmerising and easy to read, text is all in chunks with masses of illustration, the language used is not complex and this is a great book for any child with any interest or who is learning about the Titanic disaster at school. Recommended for independent readers aged around 8+, you could also read along with a younger child, although obviously the subject matter has a degree of sadness.

The Story Of Titanic For Children has 48 pages, paperback rrp £8.99. Available now from all good book shops instore and online, including Amazon where it is currently reduced to £6.94 (affiliate link*). A great price for a great book which will satisfy any curiosity. Also available in hardback

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We were sent our copy of The Story Of Titanic For Children for review.


  1. Great read -just been looking on Amazon - great price too and found several more
    One of my nephews is learning about the TITANIC in school - perfect for his level as he's 8 in april

    1. oh how timely! Enjoy the read Margaret - we really have :)


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