Thursday 8 March 2018

Nerf Nitro AeroFury Ramp Rage Review for Hasbro (age 5+)

We really like the Nerf Nitro car launchers and the AeroFury Ramp Rage is a very neat set with a compact battery-operated launcher, 2 beautiful foam cars and the all important ramp for launching your vehicles as high and as fast as possible.

Packaging is almost entirely card and recyclable. It's best to cut the straps with scissors and unboxing only takes a couple of minutes. You will need 4 x AA batteries which aren't included, so don't forget them if giving as a gift. Inside the box you have the launcher itself, 2 awesome camouflage cars and one big yellow ramp.

Nerf Nitro AeroFury Ramp Rage is recommended for age 5+ as using the launcher is incredibly easy and it has a clever system to prevent accidental firing into the air. To fire you have to press the lockable foot at the base of the stock, then pull the trigger. Easy for any 5 year old. The launcher won't start until the foot is pressed in, so you can't fire while waving it around your head.

Nerf are great at attempting to prevent accidental injury. There is an opening hatch for car jams, and again the launcher won't fire with this open, to prevent injury to fingers.

The little foam cars are gorgeous. I loved the colours of the previous Nerf Nitro we reviewed, but somehow the camo is even more handsome. They are very soft and light, with plastic wheels, and you would struggle to hurt anyone if they got into the line of fire.

These cars really fly. You can of course create more ramps and jumps using things you have at home already - my boys have loved this. The cars don't hurt, even with an accidental direct hit, but accuracy is much better than you'd expect - you can really aim for tiny targets. Height gained with the ramp can be as much as 3 or more feet, so be careful where you are pointing!

There isn't any specific car storage on the launcher, although you can drop one car into the barrel and have 2 more resting in the chute ready to go down.

This is a great sized launcher which won't take up all of your space in the toy box, but is still just as fast and exciting as the MotoFury Rapid Rally which we reviewed last year. Aim is good and the speed and power are as you'd expect. For the price it offers really good value. You have a nice little play set which gives you everything you need and will delight most youngsters (and their parents when they have a turn!).

Nerf Nitro AeroFury Ramp Rage is available now from all good toy shops priced £24.99rrp, including Argos. To see the whole range check out the Nerf website.

If you like the idea of blasting cars on a bigger scale, you can find my Nerf Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally review here

We were sent our Nerf Nitro AeroFury Ramp Rage for review for Hasbro Toy Tribe.


  1. This is awesome :) Enjoyed having a play with this, especially with the included ramp! Sim x

    1. :D I didn't make enough of the ramp in the post, I know. It really does make for some exciting bounces and flights! :D


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