Saturday 23 June 2018

Dream Tent Bed Canopy Review for Re:Creation (Age 3+)

At BlogOn Conference last month I picked up a Dream Tent to review for Re:Creation. They are a brand who specialise in some really affordable, quirky and interesting products, including Floof and LEGO Lights light up keychains, and the brilliant Magic Tracks which we reviewed a little while back.

The Dream Tent is exactly that - something every child dreams of having. A pop up canopy to go over the head end of your bed. It folds in the same way as other pop-up items such as beach tents, and arrives packaged inside a handy zip up storage bag.

Also in the 45cm bag are the Clip-On Light, 2 x U-shaped connectors and instructions. Batteries are included inside the light unit, so you can use it straightaway.

Unfolded it seems massive, but the Dream Tent is so light and flexible that it's really easy to manoeuvre into position. We weren't sure beforehand and I have a hernia, which is why we took it into the garden to spread it out, but it turned out to be so easy to carry that anyone could move it.

The Dream Tent stays in place on the bed using the 2 U-shaped connectors. They have large grippy nodules which hold the U firmly in place under the mattress. They genuinely don't move at all. At each end is a specially shaped notch which clips onto the edging of the tent canopy.

We had a few issues with this. My son's bed has a plank along the side which doesn't allow the U to sit flat. I decided to go for it and found the U-connector is quite flexible and bends around the wood enough that you can't really notice it, nor is the plastic stretching or weakening visibly.

Fitting is 5 minutes. Less if you don't have to stare at it and work out how to make it fit. My son's bed is actually so closed in by the wall and the chest of drawers that it's a bit of a job to pull the tent out even when it's been unclipped.

The curtains don't entirely shut, but that's not a bad thing in my book - I want to know what's going on in there. The space inside is pretty big, my son is 8 and can sit up no problem, yet it's relatively compact and doesn't take over the room.

The Dream Tent comes with a clip on light. This is adjustable and double-ended, with a 'white' reading light which shines down towards the child, and 3 different coloured lights which shine towards the wall and create a more ambient light.

It's a single button press to switch on and scroll through the colours to the end, but the reading light is first, so I've not disturbed my child switching it off when he's fallen asleep.

Inside you do feel hidden, despite the gaps in the curtains. You can open the curtains all the way, and there are tie backs for this. The fabric is wrinkly at first, but creases soon drop out. There's also a small pocket on the left side, just like a real tent - for your watch and glasses and other essentials, like stones and LEGO minifigs.

I honestly thought the Dream Tent was a cute idea, but my child might not like it as he is a bit fearful of the dark. He sleepwalked the first 2 nights, but absolutely did not want to give up his tent. Thankfully he's only had one disturbed night in the month since, and isn't so distracted at bedtime, and sleeps slightly longer in the mornings on average. It's a win. He adores it.

The Dream Tent will only fit a single bed sadly, I'd be more than happy with one myself. The design is really attractive and looks great from inside or out. It lets enough light through that it's never 'dark', but really is a 'tent' and exciting to be inside.

Dream Tents are made by Re-Creation and available now in 4 equally awesome designs - Dinosaur Island, Unicorn Fantasy, Wonderland and ours, Space Adventure. Suitable for age 3+ and claiming to have a universal fit, but I think you might have to be a bit D-I-Y with unusual bed frames in some cases. We're not bothered, it does the job just great, and my son jumps in very happily every night.

Available now rrp £19.99, from toy shops including Smyths. Find out more and keep up to date on the Re:Creation Toys website.

We were given our Dream Tent for review. 


  1. That looks great. My little one would love this xx

    1. I really do think it's one of those strokes of genius where someone thinks - "hang on, why don't we just do this?". It's so easy, but so effective :)


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