Saturday 2 June 2018

Our Half Term In Scotland With The Ponies.

This half term we managed to get ourselves up to Scotland to stay with my partner's parents. It's the first time since we lost Elspeth and was full of memories, as we knew it would be. It was also the most amazing break and I can't describe in words just how lovely it was to be back...

My younger children have missed out on the Shetland Ponies, they are only just small enough to ride now and haven't ridden since they were tiny. Thankfully the weather was on our side. We had 4 days of amazing 27 degree sunshine and plenty of chance to spend hours outdoors. The complete opposite to last time I wrote about a visit to my partner's parents in the 8 foot snowdrifts at Easter 2013.

This post is mainly just photos and, as my 8 year old told us on the way home, a good way to have reminders, and there are plenty of ponies...

My partner's parents have a Shetland Pony Farm. They bought a bogland many years ago, planted a woodland and raised ponies and now have the most beautiful garden anyone could ever hope for...

And Shetland Ponies, who they teach to ride and teach to pull carriages - and they are very good at it, although also modest. They've got about a gazillion trophies and rosettes though, the boys are really in awe. We all got to ride passenger in the carriage, and I admit I laughed like a child.

We were soooooo lucky with the weather and seemed to get the best week of the whole UK. It was around 27 degrees the entire time and the pool was very welcome. Apparently the snorkel was entirely necessary.

I struggled to keep up with the pace...

It wasn't all relaxing. If you stay on a farm you have to expect to have to work. I'm not entirely sure how helpful we really were...

I love trees and woods, and there really is nothing more amazing than knowing it wasn't there 20 years ago and the people who created it are sitting with you. They must burst with pride. We made the most of it and spent hours in the shade of the woods. Their Grandad created a slackline, a rope bridge and a swing for the boys to hone their circus skills...

We also had a birthday, and my 9 year old had the chance to participate in one of my fondest of childhood memories - he baked with his Grandma. And the cake was amazing, and he is still incredibly proud.

Unusually for any UK holiday, we actually had to make time to play a game indoors, and it was a challenge to keep my youngest inside. I'm actually not even sure if they finished. It'll be another memory for my boys though. We all made a lot of really excellent memories this week.

My final shot is The Milky Way on a night with an almost full moon. My partner and I know we miss out on the stars by living in Manchester, but the clear skies gave us a truly amazing view... Not the best photo with my camera, but it's there...


  1. Beautiful memories - looks like a little slice of heaven!

    1. It really is - I'm sure it has it's moments and it's a long way to town, but it's utterly gorgeous there :)

  2. Aww I love this. It's such a beautiful part of the country and how cute are those ponies. Plus your adorable little ones. So much love in this post x

  3. The “garden” is absolutely stunning and those ponies are gorgeous. It’s such a a lovely place and looks you had a brilliant time. I’m wondering if it’s near where I visited?

    1. It could be - I can't remember exactly where you were! It is amazingly beautiful - and so much sky!! :)


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