Saturday 27 October 2018

Set Family Game Of Visual Perception Review for Blogger Boardgame Club (age 6+)

This month the Blogger Boardgame Club have sent us Set from Asmodee to review. Suitable for 1 or more players aged 6+, this is a fast-paced card game which really challenges your visual perception. Stay alert and you might have a chance of winning...

Inside the box are the instructions and the pack of 81 cards. Each card has 1, 2 or 3 symbols, in green, red or purple. Each symbol is clear, partly shaded or fully shaded, and each card has symbols that are ovals, squiggles or diamonds. No 2 cards are the same.

Set up takes only a minute to shuffle the cards and the rules are simple, so you can play straightaway. The aim of the game is to collect sets of 3 cards. The 3 cards in the Set must have every feature the same on each card or different on each card. For example all the same colour or 3 different colours. 3 different shapes or all the same shape. This sounds more complicated than it is, the 3 cards below are a Set.

Play begins by the dealer placing 12 cards face up on the table. It's second nature after a short while to spot the shapes, colours, shading and number of the symbols on the card and shout "Set!" as soon as you see one. If you are right you take those 3 cards and add them to your score pile.

You have to think fast and it's our 8 year old who is quickest at this, he nearly always shouts "Set!" first. Whoever shouts first, points to their Set, takes it and then removed cards are replaced. Play continues until all cards are gone. The winner is the person who collected the most 'Sets'.

Set the game does have some disadvantages for people who are green colourblind and my 10 year old bizarrely cannot see the different colours at all. We tried playing without colour as a factor, but it makes it too easy to collect a set of 3.

Set is a game for waking your brain up and building cognitive, logical and spatial reasoning skills. Not one for late at night. Each game takes around 20 minutes, so you don't need to commit a whole evening and because you can play solo, it's brilliant for when you have a spare half hour.

You can have as many players as can fit around the table, so Set is excellent for large families or family parties. Everything is contained in a small box and you can always use a card box instead to make it even smaller, so Set is also a great game to take away with you. It's very user-friendly and a game almost anyone can join in with and have a chance of winning - unless they are colourblind!

Set: the family game of visual perception is available to buy now, currently priced £12.99rrp from all good toy and game shops, including online at Amazon*. For more information about the entire range available see the Asmodee website. See all of our Blogger Boardgame Club reviews for Esdevium Games/Asmodee here...

We were sent our copy of Set for review. *Amazon links are affiliate, which means I earn a few pence as a thank you for my time if you order through my link, but you don't pay any extra.

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