Thursday 22 November 2018

Magformers Special Sky Track Adventure Set Review Age 3+ (sent by Magformers)

Although Magformers are suitable for children aged 3+, they are such an easy to use construction system, with so much scope, that they can still offer a challenge to my 8 and 10 year old boys. We've been sent the  Special Edition Magformers Sky Track Adventure Set to review. This is a gorgeous and massive 64 piece set which contains lots of special components and a powered Sky Shuttle...

Opening this box is a pure joy. It's beautiful. There's so much colour and the layout is so exciting. Any child would be delighted with this on Christmas morning. You'll need 2 x AAA batteries for the Sky Shuttle and an incredibly tiny screwdriver.

Magformers are a series of geometric shaped frames which have rotating neodymium magnets safely encased in each side. Because the magnets aren't fixed, whichever way you try and connect, two or more of the shapes will attract and stay together.

Magformers are brilliant for promoting hand strength and dexterity, and how to be careful. They are an ideal toy to teach your child STEM skills that'll be useful for a lifetime - engineering and construction, maths, physics and other skills are just simply part of play.

Magformers are incredibly quick to construct with and easy to clear away. They give a child almost instant gratification and a sense of pride in what they've made. It's no surprise they've won over 50 awards in the last 10 years.

In this set each magnetic shape has a 'cover' with the Sky Track moulded on one side. By placing the pieces side by side, you create your track, and the Sky Shuttle clamps the track, so you can extend in any direction, including straight up! In a move of genius you can fix the car onto the track without having to start at an end.

Included are a Sky Shuttle and Sky Car - the Shuttle will sit on the back of the Car for transportation and the car is then powered and free-roaming, unlike the Shuttle on it's own, which goes along the track. I think this is great because it offers younger children 2 different vehicle types to play with.

The Sky Track is brilliant. It's very cleverly thought out and included are wiggly tracks, corners, bends, hills and some really clever special sections.

The special sections include a part which flips the shuttle back onto the track. There is a powered lift to raise the Shuttle and a rotating shuttle transporter which turns all the way around before dropping the Shuttle back onto the track. Everything is cleverly powered by the Sky Shuttle itself.

The included instruction booklet has lots of different track layouts to try and none take more than about 10 minutes even for children to build. The instructions are very easy to follow, with clear illustrations and a visual list of necessary parts - my boys started off with their own designs first though, and it was excellent to see them so keen.

Battery life for the Sky Shuttle seems excellent. We've played with this set loads and there is no sign of the Shuttle slowing or losing power so far. Here's a look at it in action...

The 64 piece Magformers Special Sky Track Adventure Set is a Special Edition set, has an rrp of £89.99 and is recommended for children aged 3-8+. I think it's very fair value because of the ease of use, developmental and educational benefits, and the sheer fun, but it has immense longevity - when your children have finished with it, you can put this one away for the Grandchildren.

You can find out more about the whole Magformers range and how it helps your child's development on the Magformers website. They have an awesome Black Friday sale with many items up to half price!

We were sent our Magformers Special Edition Sky Track Adventure set for review.

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