Tuesday 4 December 2018

Nickelodeon Slime Station Review (age 5+) Sent by Sambro

Slime is incredibly popular this year and pretty much all children love playing with it. We were given the Nickelodeon Slime Station and a large pot of delicious orange slime to review for Sambro. Suitable for age 5+, this is like a little factory for making non-toxic slime, with a big choice of different textures and glittery bits to add to it.

No batteries, packaging is mainly a big handy cardboard box and very little inessential plastic. Opens in seconds, you only need to add plain tap water and you can start immediately. Christmas morning-friendly.

You have the Slime Station itself, plus lots of other items:

3 Storage Tubs With Secure Lids
10 Activator Packs
!0 Coloured Slime Powders
4 Beads / Confetti Packs
2 Packs Of Styrofoam Balls
4 Packets Of Glitter
Slime Shaker
3 x Lidded 'Test Tube' Storage Tubes

The instructions are very simple and easy to follow, although you do need 53ml of water, which is a bit hard to measure precisely! There is enough in this set to make 10 different batches of slime.

Add 53ml of water to the Slime Shaker, then pour in a sachet of Activator

Add a Coloured Slime Powder of your choice, pop on the lid - SECURELY - and shake for 2 minutes.

Leave the slime to set for 10 minutes - if you are like my 10 year old, that'll be while you clean up all the splashes from not putting the lid on properly. The slime will change from runny to 'slimey' now.

Play with the slime and knead it for 5 minutes. You'll feel it become more of a familiar texture.

If you want to add any of the extra bits, glitter, polystyrene balls etc, put some of the slime into the Slime Station and stir it up using the little shovel provided. I think this was my boys' favourite bit. There's loads to choose from, and you can mix and match.

Et voila, glittery slime with bits in!

The kids love it, it was great fun to do and the level of mess wasn't too bad, despite the failure to secure the shaker lid. This was a much cleaner and neater process than I expected. Mainly we just have a little glitter on the carpet.

The 3 little lidded Storage Tubs are great. Your child(ren) can make 3 different slimes and keep them safe. The test tubes can hold small portions of different glitter or confetti, so any future Chemist will have plenty enough slime storage to be happy.

The Slime Station is a big set for the money and makes a really nice gift. The slime itself is very rewarding. We can compare directly with the pre-made Nickelodeon Slime and in our opinion ours could do with about 3ml less water next time, but it's just as good to play with.

The Nickelodeon Slime Station is made by Sambro and priced £19.99rrp. The Nickelodeon Slime huge 500g tub is priced £9.99rrp. Available to buy now from all good toy shops including Argos and online at Amazon (*aff).

We were given the Slime and Slime Station for review. *Amazon links are affiliate and if you buy through my link, I am paid a few coin of the realm as a thank you. You don't pay any more. It helps keep the website running. 

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