Thursday 21 February 2019

New Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Sets (Age 5+) Sent for review.

This Spring Moshi Monsters are back with a new range of toys for children aged 5+, with an Egg Hunt theme! We've been sent a bundle to review and my 9 and 10 year old boys didn't take more than a couple of minutes to get the whole lot divided between them and opened!

There are several sizes of sets available ranging from £2.79 to £19.99rrp. We've been sent the following:
3 x Single packs £2.79rrp (1 egg and 1 Moshling, 1 leaflet and 1 Egg Hunt code)
Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt 4 Pack £6.99rrp (1 egg and 4 Moshlings)
Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt 7 Pack £9.99rrp (2 eggs and 7 Moshlings)
Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Monster Pack £9.99rrp (2 eggs and 17 Moshlings)
Blingo's Party House Playset £19.99rrp (1 Moshling - Blingo)

Inside each pack are eggs which split into 2 halves. They can be squeezed until they pop open and 1 half shoots off. This is the basis of the 'skittles' type Egg Hunt game you can play with the sets.

There are more than 40 different Moshlings to collect, and the 20 main designs are in 2 varieties, the colourful version and the single colour semi-translucent Moshlings.

Moshlings are all also divided into 4 different types - Cuties, Yuckies, Luckies and Ponies.

Poster Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Moshling types - Cuties, Luckies, Yukkies and Ponies

Obviously the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Moshlings are a form of blind bag collectible, although we were very impressed that you can see several of the Moshlings when you buy, so you can always make sure you get new ones. We had 1 pack with 2 the same (1 visible and 1 hidden), but otherwise we got a pretty good mix and 4 Limited Edition Super Moshlings out of a total of 32.

Blingo's Party House only arrives with 1 Moshling, Blingo himself. The house is almost complete, you just have to add the slide and the swing.

There is a sheet of gorgeous reusable 'Magic Stickers'. I wouldn't call them magic, but they are really nice quality. The whole house is made from a softer plastic than our old Moshi Monster Treehouse and feels really nicely made and built to outlast your child's interest.

The house is quite compact despite the slide, but plenty big enough for loads of Moshlings and open plan, so it's great for 2 or maybe even 3 children playing together. Bizarrely there's no method for Moshlings to get upstairs unless they climb the slide, but the window is easy-clean!

The house has special features and my favourite is the trapdoor. Every home should have one! There is a button on the top floor and every single Moshling we've dropped through has fallen on their feet.

The house has a pretend door which doesn't work and a pretend window which is actually a revolving door. It's also a swift change from regular house to Blingo's DJ booth and party time.

Outside are the slide and the swing. The swing just hooks on and is super easy to remove. I like this a lot because it's very unlikely to ever be snapped.

My youngest child has been a fan of Moshi Monsters now for years and he was delighted when he saw them. Both boys have enjoyed playing with them and sorting into teams, and battling in the Egg Hunt game.

There's also a free Moshi Monster Egg Hunt game app and every pack comes with a code for a special free gift to redeem in the app.

I like the Egg Hunt Moshi Monsters more than our other Moshi Monsters and the boys have taken more of an interest in which teams they belong to and what they are called. The house feels better quality and I think will last better than previous Moshi Monster toys we have (or have had), and the Egg Hunt game is a nice touch.

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt range is available now from toy shops instore and online. You can find out more about the whole range and all of the Moshlings, as well as the Egg Hunt app. on the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt UK website

Here are some handy *Amazon affiliate links with current prices (at the time of typing the whole range is discounted from rrp):

We were sent our Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt toys for review. *Amazon links are affiliate, which never costs you a penny more, but earns me a few pence if you buy through my link. It helps keep the website running as I was not paid for this review.


  1. Those look great. What a fab addition for any Moshi Monster fan xx

    1. They are pretty good!! We did so well with the special ones too - we have 'twin leaders' apparently :D


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