Tuesday 3 December 2019

Buzzlebox Family Game And Puzzle Box Review (Sent by The Dark Imp)

I really like the ethos of Ellie Dix and The Dark Imp, so when she asked if I wanted to take a look at her brand new Buzzlebox, I was more than happy. This is a beautiful box of brand new games and puzzles designed to be played together, whatever your ability or age (from around 8+).

Ellie is a keen promoter of maintaining good healthy relationships with your kids through play. As your offspring get older, it's easy to drift apart until you realise you barely spend any time together when you aren't already busy. Games create relaxed environments for chat and laughter.

The Dark Imp Buzzlebox Unboxing Review Top contents shows shredded paper and a tin containing a game

The Buzzlebox is gorgeous. It felt like a treat opening it, and then I saw what was inside. This is almost entirely plastic free, and the only plastic included is reusable. The first Buzzlebox has a Gardens and Poultry theme. (Box 2 will be Doughnuts and Cake!)

The Dark Imp Buzzlebox Puzzle and game Unboxing REview next layer lots of paper and card with puzzles on

There are so many games and puzzles included that everything is "ooh, what's this?". There are even stickers inside the box itself - clues for one of the games. There is a game on a beer mat and a large envelope containing 3 games for dice, cards and dominoes.

Family puzzle box review games on paper dice game domino game

There are different sheets with puzzles - there are 3 to solve in this box, including a wordsearch using all of those sneaky stickers.

Puzzles for families and multi generational play in the Buzzlebox from The Dark Imp

There is a mini-game, an original Dark Imp ‘game in a tin’, which you can't buy anywhere except The Dark Imp - Don't Count Your Chickens.

Ellie Dix Dark Imp Buzzlebox review Don't Count Your chickens family game in a tin

Don't Count Your Chickens is a gorgeous little game with illustrated cardboard tokens and wooden counters, and a resealable plastic bag to keep all of the counters safe. The aim of the game it to build the most impressive flock of domestic fowl.

The Dark Imp Don't Count Your Chickens family mini game in a tin

There is also a full sized game, and this is even more special. You can feel the weight in this box and it is crammed. Also original, new and only available from The Dark Imp - Gnome Grown.

An original Dark Imp game gnome Grown pack shot with beautiful illustrations

Gnome Grown is a game where you start with a blank canvas and create the best garden you can. Friendly neighbourly rivalry with your family. The Gnome keeps you on your toes. When he gets to the end of the path, your gardening time is up.

riginal Dark Imp game gnome Grown beautiful illustrations and wooden game pieces

The wooden playing pieces are just gorgeous. As well as counters there are a bazillion little wooden ladybirds and a couple of Imps. I'm incredibly excited about playing this one - and we should have time this weekend!

The Dark Imp Game Box for family play review selection of counters and game pieces

The games retail at £16.99 for Don't Count Your Chickens and £36.99 for Gnome Grown, and I'd say those are very fair prices on a par with or below what I'd expect from other quality games manufacturers. The Buzzlebox in it's entirety costs £49.99, which has to be a great price for a heck of a lot of entertainment that your family can enjoy TOGETHER.

I haven't yet played the two full games included, but the mechanics look good, with little rewards to keep play interesting, and no frustration, I will do reviews, and I'll add the links as soon as they are live!

The Buzzlebox Box 1 is available to buy now. Find out more and find out more about The Dark Imp, and how you can use board games to create quality time with your children, on The Dark Imp website.

Earlier on in the year I also reviewed the book - The Board Game Family: Reclaim Your Children From The Screen by Ellie Dix.

The Dark Imp in black on cardboard box

We were sent our Buzzlebox for review. 

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