Thursday 15 October 2020

Ad | What Do You Need To Know Before Buying A Smart TV?

What DO you need to know before buying a smart TV? I needed a guide before I bought mine, and I think most of us do, as technology is constantly evolving and capability is expanding. This is a guest promotional post by Maria Lopez - who knows far more than I do... 

Since technology is always evolving, most electronics come with the word “smart” attached to them. What exactly makes a device smart? Some gadgets can work on their own to execute commands without the use of a human. Not only that, but they can connect to the internet and create the Internet of Things (IOT). Additionally, some gadgets can have context-awareness, data storage, portability, and flawless user-interaction. 

Simpsons Smart TV all on sofa

Does this mean that your smart TV is going to have all of these features? Quite possibly! It honestly all depends on the make and model of your smart television. However, I am going to take the time to debunk some common myths about smart televisions. 

Does My Smart TV Have Internet Capabilities?
One of the most important features of a smart TV is its wireless capabilities. Does it have it? How can you tell if your device can connect to the internet? It’s quite simple, actually. All you need to do is look for the Wi-Fi symbol. You may see the word “Wi-Fi” on the box or see the five ripples. These are very similar to what you would see in the corner of your cell phone. This will tell you whether or not your smart TV has internet capabilities. 

Resolution Explained
Each time a new model comes out it seems that the resolution exceeds what was on the previous model. You can view your favorite movies and shoes in outstanding picture quality. How is the resolution rated, though? Honestly, it’s quite simple. You have to determine how many pixels come with the display unit. You may see one of the following ratings with your smart TV:

(1,280X720 Pixels) HD-High Definition 780p
(1,920x1,080 Pixels) FHS-Full High Definition 180p
(3,840x2,160 Pixels) UHD (4K)-Ultra High definition
(7,690x4,30 Pixels) UHD (8K)

The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality and overall price of the smart TV. You will be able to locate the symbol on the TV and package which showcases the type of display. 

HDMI Capabilities
Most smart televisions cone equipped with HDMI ports. This is a unique feature that allows people to connect their television with other interactive devices such as game consoles and DVD players. The HDMI ports allow you to enjoy a fantastic display on your television. For an even better experience, consider a television with more than one port to allow for more connections at once. 

Does It Have Apps?
It’s no secret that a Home smart TV is more than your average entertainment display device. There are many pre-loaded applications available at the press of just one button. You can access streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube, and more. You can find what apps are pre-loaded on the television by checking the outside of the box. 

Does It Have Bluetooth?
A smart TV not only connects to the internet, but it can also have Bluetooth capabilities. This feature makes it easy to pair your television to other peripheral devices which includes, but isn’t limited to speakers and headphones. This gives you a much nicer user experience while keeping the viewing area clear of wires and cable clutter. 

What About Mounting?
A wall-mounted television takes less space than one that would have to sit on a bulky TV stand. You will also have a much better viewing experience when your TV is wall mounted. 

To sum all of this information up, finding the right television can be a tedious task. However, I hope that some of this information has steered you in the right direction. Now it’s time to get out there and buy yourself a nice smart TV. 

The image is from my own LEGO Simpson's House review

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