Thursday 25 November 2021

(Sent for review) IDo3D Ultra Review - 2 Pen Funky Pets 3D Modelling Set (Age 8+)

We've been sent the IDo3D Ultra 2 Pen Funky Pets Set for review - this is a 3D modelling pen which sets the 'ink' under the enclosed UV light in less than 1 minute.
Suitable for age 8+, it's a very affordable introduction to thinking and creating in 3D - you can even draw vertically, straight up into the air... 

I Do 3D 2 Pen Activity Set Funky Pets box front and contents beside - instruction sheet 2 x pens 1 x UV light

Inside the I Do 3D Activity Set are 2 x pens in green and yellow, with screw on twist close nibs. There is a 3 bulb UV light which actually clips over the pen to 'light up as you draw', 1 x themed mould/tracing sheet, 1 x plain non-stick drawing sheet and an instruction sheet.

Don't miss the little press-out tool - it is really handy for scraping and shaping the wet ink. 

ido3d pack contents pen system screw on twist close nibs etc

Flatten your base sheet before you start - it arrives slightly curved in the box. It is beautifully non-stick and you can easily remove any size of model or dripped paint - the little tool also comes in handy here. 

The instructions are teeny tiny, but they are well worth reading. They have some great tips, including the fact you can either use the UV on the go - which is how you can paint vertically - or start your model and use the UV when you've completed a section - which is brilliant for when you are filling in an area flat and want it to be smooth before it sets.

ido3d draw upright and set polymer as you move

The 3D pens are disposable, with a hard plastic screw on tip. They're much like glitter glue pens, not complicated at all, and need a bit of careful handling to achieve precision. Anyone can pick up the pen and start, but it can take a little practise to create something you are pleased with. 

ido3d creative 3d UV pen set fish and pyramid

The UV pen light seems really well made and excellent quality. It's robust, with 3 bulbs and an easy to use on/off switch.  It slots neatly and securely over the neck of the pen, meaning with one hand you can draw and set the ink almost instantly, but likewise the triangular shape means it's really easy to hold or stand beside your creation when you want to set it 'at the end'. 

This is really sticky stuff and gets everywhere. It's not something everyone is going to feel happy using. The ink momentarily heats up as it sets. It's not actually going to burn, but it is a surprise, especially if you aren't expecting it. 

Even once it's set, the ink itself still feels a little sticky or oily. It does wash off hands simply with soap, and you can also sponge your creations carefully with cold water (don't overdo it, you might destroy them), although they may still remain a little tacky in places for a while - even if left in full sun. 

 - Undersea world of plants and coral, created by 2 colours of 3D pen

I wasn't really sure what I thought of IDo3D when I first opened it, but the price is actually pretty comparable to UV glue, and once you start, it does get really addictive. You begin to think of things you can make, tricks you can do, and your creativity really starts to come out. There are lots of craft uses and projects out there for people of all ability levels. It is not an instant skill though, you will need to get a feel for how it works and practise before you become any good! 

iDO3D created corals and plants, with fish 'swimming' between or among them

There are lots of different IDo3D sets available, and lots of different colours - including metallic and glitter. Themed sets are a broad range, but you can also always freehand or trace your own designs. Sets start at £9.99rrp, which is a good starting price to find out if you like it and want to expand. 

ido3D miniature 2 colour Christmas Wreath balanced on my fingers

You can buy IDo3D Ultra sets in craft and toy stores,
including online at Amazon - handy affiliate links below: 

We were sent our IDo3D Funky Pets set for review. Amazon links are affiliate, which earns me a few pence if you buy through my link, but never costs you a penny extra. 


  1. ooh this is a little different, isn't it? It looks great x

    1. It is incredibly different. IT's not quite 3D printing, but very close and it really does make you think in that sort of 3D way. It's not like any other craft we've ever done before!


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