Thursday 11 November 2021

The Humble Co. Eco-friendly Toothcare Review (sent for review)

I love anything which reduces single-use plastic and waste, and my family have been using compostable bamboo toothbrushes for the last couple of years. We hadn't tried Humble before though. They've sent us a selection of eco-friendly tooth and mouth care products to review.... 

The Humble Co Humble Brush review Close up of wooden handle with logo

The Humble Company products have been developed by dentists and designed in Sweden, and they all use minimal plastic without compromising on hygiene and safety.

The Humble Company Bamboo Toothcare Review

The original Humble Brush comes in a variety of colours - excitingly including purple. The filaments are BPA-free plastic, and you can pull them out or cut them off when you recycle the rest of the brush at the end of it's life. 

The Humble Co Humble Brush Toothbrush and packaging on table

The shape of the Humble brush is really nice. It's designed to fit your hand, much like a standard plastic toothbrush, and you don't really notice any difference when you are using it. 

If you want to use even less resources, Humble also have a simply shaped brush with a replaceable head. I actually really like this shape of handle, and the replacement heads fit well, stay tight and don't move while you brush. 

The Humble Brush Replacement heads and toothbrush handle

As well as the brushes, the dentists at Humble have created more eco-friendly versions of Interdental Sticks, or 'toothpicks'. These are purely shaped bamboo, which has natural anti-bacterial properties, grows incredibly quickly and composts rapidly (and it's impossible to hold still enough to get a sharp photo!).

The Humble Co bamboo interdental sticks one held out of full packet

For the daily clean between your teeth, Humble have Floss Picks which are made from 70% corn starch. These are very cleverly designed with a toothpick at the opposite end and have soft, mint flavoured twin floss. Not actually fully recyclable in many places as yet, but far less plastic in landfill. 

They do feel like, and work just like, regular plastic picks. There are different styles and flavours, including a charcoal version for teeth-whitening. 

The Humble Co natural toothpaste packet open and small pill shaped toothpaste balls exposed

Last, but definitely not least, the toothpaste itself. Humble have an entirely natural, vegan range of toothpastes, including with or without flouride, and we've been trying the toothpaste tablets. They are really easy to use and incredibly tasty. The fresh breath feel does taste far less chemical-like and more natural, without that lingering sweetness you get with regular toothpaste. To my own surprise, an all-round hit here. 

I really do think The Humble Co. have done a great job here. Everything we've tried is every bit as effective, tasty and useful as traditional choices, but without costing so much to the Earth. Prices are very fair, and in many cases comparable to good quality supermarket alternatives.  You can find all the things we've tried, as well as loads of other tooth and mouth care products, on The Humble Co. website. Prices are in Euros, with free shipping over €29 (you can pay via PayPal or GooglePay). 

We were sent our mouth/tooth care products for review. 


  1. What I would like to know is what’s natural about fluoride and citric acid🤷‍♀️

    1. Hiya. Well, Fluorine is actually a basic element, and when added to something, it becomes Fluoride - toothpaste is generally Flourine and Sodium - salt. Citric acid is present in citrus fruit, as you'd expect, but generally we get it from fermenting sugars. It's up to you if you call those natural or not, but I think they generally count where claims such as this are made.


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