Thursday 3 November 2022

Ad | Winter in New York: tips for a great holiday

Winter in New York: tips for a great holiday

Going on holiday abroad doesn’t have to just take place in the summer. You can also see a number of delights during the winter months. Doing so could give you a renewed appreciation for an area, as well as allow you to see things you might miss if you only travel during the warm weather. Although this may mean that you need to swap out your sunglasses for a warm hat, you may be able to have a fantastic time away from home.

See a game of ice hockey 

It may seem somewhat appropriate to watch an ice-related game in the winter. Ice hockey may not be as popular in the UK but, in the US it can be quite a well-known pastime. You may want to think about booking tickets to see the New York Rangers while you are in New York. Ice hockey can be a lot more dangerous than its field counterpart, especially when you consider how fast the players might be moving, as well as the game going on. This could be fun for all the family, particularly those that enjoy watching and playing sports back home.

Go ice skating

Alternatively, rather than watching others on ice, you may want to give it a go yourself. Many people like to go ice skating at the Wollman Rink in Central Park. This can not only be great for those with young children, but it’s also a rather romantic place to take your partner. This rink has also featured in a number of movies, so may look somewhat familiar to you. It is important to note that it can get incredibly busy, especially in the run-up to Christmas, so pre-booking your spots can be imperative. You may be able to do this online, as well as to search around for the best deals. There might also be a number of guides or aides who, should you or your children stumble, can help you to right yourselves. A skating ticket may give you around an hour and a half on the ice, which could be plenty of time to have lots of fun.

Blackpool illuminations in LEGO, from above
A bit closer to home - Blackpool lights in the UK, in LEGO,
at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

See all the lights

Much like the UK, New York may also have a number of festive lights in operation during the winter. Some of the most well-known could be at the Rockefeller Centre. This year, the lights may be switched on from November 30th. Should your holiday coincide with that date, you might be able to be present to see them first lit. Otherwise, you may want to consider heading to that area after dark to really be able to appreciate the beauty of all the lights. Other areas of the city might also look wonderful after nightfall, especially if you are lucky enough to get snow during your visit.
Going to New York in winter can make you feel like you’re in a Hallmark movie. You may want to try and find some trips or events that fit in well with the winter theme.

My 2 boys on the Winter Wonderland Waltzers ride in Manchester
Also a little closer to home - the Waltzers at

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