Wednesday 16 November 2022

November #TBCSmiles 99 Months...

I'm a bit late this month, but with good reason. I'm shattered and busy non-stop, so I took my birthday off on 14th, and a day either side I took it easy, so here we are. I'm sure you'll forgive me. 

Being productive and effective is really as much about taking a break from doing it, as it is about actually working. 

Me grinning at a table in a restaurant with a birthday card and Birthday Princess cardboard tiara

Don't forget to take your own time off, especially now, as Winter draws in. Sitting cozy on the sofa under a blanket isn't wasted time. 10 extra minutes under the duvet isn't waste4d time. You are allowed to indulge yourself and be kind. Your head needs that rest even more than your body... 

Thank you to everyone who shared their smiles this month. It's getting a bit dark and dismal out there, but we had some hardy pumpkin seekers and walkers, and lots of Autumn trips to the seaside! Anyone can join in, just tag your smiles with the hashtag #tbcsmiles, and if you need cheering up, go and take a look at the thousands of smiles people have shared over the years. 

Here are 9 of the biggest this month... 

TBCsmiles November 2022 Your Smiles Collage of 9 happy photos

Huge thanks to the following Instagrammers who shared these photos (if you don't have Instagram, you can tag thebrickcastle on another social media to make sure I spot it!). 

ClaireyHarpo / GoingOnAnAdventureBlog / EarthBasedFun
TippyTupps / BeautiesAndTheBibs / _TheMumDiaries
Over40AndAMumToOne / OurLittleEscapades / MarvellousMrsP

My family made our own smiles too - I was treated to an excellent birthday meal with 5 of the kids (we will eat something delicious with our other grown up child when they don't have work commitments and can come visit). We also bought some sparklers for bonfire night, and rode in a sidecar and fed deer in Scotland with a rare visit to the Grandparents - simple but joyous pleasures...

TBCsmiles November 20221 Our smiles collage of my familys smiles over the last month

Your smiles are always there, even if it doesn't feel like it, or you can't see them. Look a little harder, you'll find them...

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