Wednesday 30 January 2013

Izziwizzi Kids reviewer application video

I hate seeing myself on camera. I think it was summed it up perfectly once on a TV show by Dylan Moran, "did I really get that fat? And I'm not that old". Thing is, I know most people feel like that, and somehow that makes me feel better about it.

Video is a whole new dimension of torture, with added movement and sound. You can't just film a little bit of your face, or pose in the best soft light and take 1427 pictures until you find one that's acceptable.
Doing review videos has meant that I've had to get over my fear and loathing and get a little used to what I actually look like, rather than the self-image of me at 23 before life and 6 children took their toll. I find it helps if you bear in mind that most people who see it don't know you, and those who do know what you look like anyway (including at the end of the night when you've had a couple or more beverages and your mascara is sliding down your face and your carefully chosen outfit looks like you slept in it).

Here's my video application to continue to be a part of the Izziwizzi Kids reviewers panel. Well worth the cringing and the wailing about how frizzy my cloud of hair looked that day (which was in part due to the weather that I'd waited for especially so that I could film the snow). Hopefully It'll all be worth it!

If you want to apply then you'd better get your camera/phone/Innotab out sharpish and post your video on the Izziwizzi Kids Facebook wall, fill in the online application form and sit back. Rest assured we won't be laughing at you, we'll just be jealous that you turned the lights down before you started, or had dancing girls and fireworks in your video!

Applications close after Playfest tomorrow night (Thursday 31st January 2013). Best of luck, don't break a leg...


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