Wednesday 30 January 2013


I hate it when the kids are ill. Of course I do, I'm their Mum, I want them to be happy and they can't really be happy when they're roasting hot and feeling rubbish and have snot bubbles so impressive I want to take photo's. I also don't function quite so well on a few hours broken sleep, and nor do children.

Everyone round here seems to run their kids to the Doctors when they're ill, and as a rule I don't. In fact boy no.4 has not been since he was 6 months old and he's nearly 3. I don't know if it's being around babies and toddlers since I was 8, or just sheer complacency, but it's worked okay so far (well, except for the time I waited four days before taking boy no.1 to A&E and he turned out to have broken his arm, but he never told us it hurt, not once, so I'm pretty sure I'm at least partly absolved from blame for that one). What will the Doctor say that I don't already know? "It's a virus, give him plenty of fluids, keep him cool and if he's not better in 2 days come back". I don't agree with giving antibiotics for mild Tonsilitis or anything they can kick off themselves in a couple of days, and I do take them if they aren't getting better, but I know I'm in the minority each time my kids catch something everyone else around here gets and they've all met up in the surgery. Heck, I only ring in if someone gets Chicken Pox so that it goes on their record. I can't work out if my Doctor thinks I'm a risk-taker or a blessing....

Boy no.4 will be fine, we've all already had this bug, so he's getting lots of sympathy and love, and besides boy no.3 has it all worked out that he's "going to stay downstairs and sleep on the sofa tonight to take care of him"*......

*4 year old speak for "I will stay awake all night, really really, and I will get to play with the Lego and watch Ben 10 on the telly until morning and I'll have the best time ever, and I won't be scared of the dark, or the quiet, or being without a grown up, and I won't just fall asleep around 10pm from boredom and exhaustion........oh yeah, and I'll sit in the living room and scream a lot until you come down if he's sick".....and if you think I'll let him - no.


  1. hope he feels better soon. I think 5yo has only been to the dr's a handful of times too. I avoid it, and we went when hubby noticed her lazy eye so we could be reffered to hospital, when she was sent home from nursery and obv miserable, and for her jabs I think. I also only phoned in with the chicken pox.

    1. Phew. I'm glad it's not just me - I was beginning to worry there!
      He's feeling loads better, he's been playing with the new Lego most of today and fighting with his brother, so definitely on the mend - and no-one even had to sleep downstairs last night, bonus!

  2. Oh no! We've all had horrid colds too. As you can tell from *that* video! We never to the doctors either. I think Bud has been maybe 3 or 4 times apart from his jabs.

    1. There was nothing wrong with *that* video - you did a great job and came across really well, you didn't even need to do that husky voice to try and charm us ;)


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