Wednesday 6 February 2013

The Big Police Car Puzzle by Orchard Toys

 It's always lovely when someone you like says they like you too, and so I was delighted to find that Orchard Toys were pleased with the reviews I did of some of their games, and then asked me and my youngest to review a brand new jigsaw for them. We already have a couple of Orchard Toys jigsaws, and know that they are made in the UK from the same 100% recycled board as the games, and that they are full of interesting things to look at and talk about. It was a little daunting trying to work out how a video review of a jigsaw would go, but we've given it our best shot!

The Big Police Car jigsaw puzzle ~ Age 3+

The Big Police Car jigsaw  retails at £9.75 and the suggested age range is 3+. It has 30 chunky pieces in really varied sizes. It teaches matching and observation skills, manual dexterity and encourages conversation and exploration about the Police Force, modes of transport and work roles (amongst others).

The suggested age range for this puzzle is 3+ and we think that is spot on. Boy no.4 is nearly 3 and he can't quite manage on his own, whereas boy no.3 is 4 years 4 months and is almost entirely confident, even (as you can see in the video) realising he has a whole section of the puzzle that can slot into another and trying to slide it across (this is in my opinion an advanced jigsawing skill). I love that the top and side edges of the puzzle have large swooping curves which make it far more of a challenge for a child who has learned that puzzles are usually regular and rectangular.

There was loads to talk about within the picture, and the boys led most of the chat as they put it together, talking about which vehicles they preferred, what each Police Officer might be doing and what they might do next. They have now completed the puzzle several times, and it still looks brand new, they still stand and stare at it and talk about it once it's complete, and they still want to do it again.

Boy no.3 says it's "great, but not my favourite because Creepy Castle is my favourite". Boy no.4 says it's "awesome". I say it's fantastic because it's huge so they can play with it together on the floor or table and working as a team they can complete it nicely. It's a definite thumbs up!

Orchard Toys are available direct from Orchard Toys, or if you prefer to shop offline you can find your nearest stockist on their website

We were given this jigsaw for the purposes of this review, but the views expressed are ours.


  1. great review, love your boys they are sooo sweet!

    1. Aw thank you! I am kind of keen on them myself - although they are very good at being swines at times. NEVER be fooled.

  2. Great review Jenny. I can see a couple of these 'Big' Jigsaw puzzles in our future. Bud is obsessed by them at the moment. Your boys have the most amazing hair.

    1. Hahaha. Thank you! Boy no.3 really needs a trim, but he hates it and worries that we'll "take away all the curls"...

  3. thanks for your nice sharing and posts.


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