Sunday 15 December 2013

Lego Competition Answers....

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered my Lego Treasure Hunt Competition - it's only fair to let you know the answers....

All answers can be found on the Lego related pages on this blog.

1. Who didn't buckle up the child in his vehicle?
2. What was reviewed in the second ever post on The Brick Castle?
3. How many people from our family went to Legoland?
4. How many people are wearing glasses in the photo at the Chima 4D movie?
5. Who was adamant the minifigures all stayed in position on our table to watch the Lego Batman movie?
6. What is my 1st extra rule for how to survive a horror movie.
7.What is Lego set 70001 called?
8. What is the name of our Lego Minion?

1. The answer was Batman and was found here. Not "your other half" thankfully!....hilarious an answer as that was....

2. The second ever post on The Brick Castle was a review of  The Hobbit: The Goblin King Battle set 79010. I accepted Hobbit Lego or any other similar answer.

3. 11 people went to Legoland in Billund - myself and my partner, our 7 children and my partner's parents.

4. Everyone who gave an answer except one got this right - 2 people were wearing glasses to watch the Chima 4D movie and another person was only holding them.

5. Everyone got this right. It was indeed my 5 year old who insisted the minifigures 'watch' the Lego Batman movie with us.

6. This Horror Movie question seemed to confuse people and accounted for around 1/3 of the wrong answers. My first extra rule is not the killers extra far as I'm aware I've never been an axe-wielding horror movie bad definitely needed to say Don't wear a matching bra and knickers!

7. Everyone got this right, it was indeed Crawley's Claw Ripper

8.Everyone who answered this question also got it right - our Lego minion is Carl

Once again a huge thank you to everyone who took part. Plenty of the entrants got every answer right and I gave you all a number, put it into a random number generator and the 2 people out of the hat were Tracy P first, and Susie W as runner up - both of you should have emails. Please get your address details to me and I'll send you your prizes as soon as humanly possible!

Have a great Christmas!

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