Thursday 23 October 2014

A modified LEGO Arctic Artic

Yesterday's review from me was the LEGO City Arctic Outpost set 60035, which is a set designed for younger builders. It's a set that could easily be more detailed and complicated, but that would raise the difficulty level and lower the playability.

My partner asked the little boys if they didn't mind him having a play and adapting it, and with the addition of some wheels, Technic LEGO and a few other bits and pieces, he's transformed this...

A modified LEGO Arctic Outpost set 60035 Articulated trailer
A modified LEGO Arctic Outpost set 60035 with Articulated trailer

Into this....the LEGO City Arctic Artic...

LEGO brick Articulated trailer lorryLEGO brick Articulated trailer lorry with mobile laboratory

The major change is the trailer. Able to carry the quad bike as well as the mobile laboratory, and with all the necessary chains and spare wheels, plus the large swan neck and 5th wheel behind the cab, it's fully able to turn and corner, and the ramps do actually lower to allow the cargo on the back.

LEGO brick Articulated trailer lorry cab and driver

The truck has a control panel for the crane, an additional lighting rig and extra storage drawers. It's lengthened at the back to hold the fifth wheel attachment for the trailer and an extra axle and pair of wheels.

LEGO brick Articulated trailer lorry cab and driver with crane

LEGO brick Articulated truck trailer fifth wheel

The trailer is made using mainly Technic LEGO  and smaller wheels with mud and snow tyres. For imagination and play value this means the Arctic Outpost could start it's journey anywhere and dump the large trailer once the conditions become impassable.

LEGO brick mobile laboratory on back of truck

As the mobile laboratory is no longer the trailer itself, more of a passenger, it's chained to the flatbed, as is the quad bike.

LEGO brick quad bike on back of truck

I'm impressed, I think it looks great and it's really opened our younger children's eyes as to what you can do given an already interesting LEGO set and a box of bits.

Based on the LEGO City Arctic Outpost set 60035, some extra chains and large wheels, the LEGO Cars And More Loose Bricks Box set 4635, and Monster Truck Racing Truck Transporter set 60027 for the main part of the chassis.


  1. They look very awesome! I love them!

  2. Wowee, I am useless at being creative with lego and always resort to just building the sets as they come x

  3. Very inventive! Men never grow out of LEGO do they?!

  4. This is so clever and really shows how Lego can be taken forwards from the standard kits

  5. That's fab! We love Lego in our house.

  6. Wie kommt man zu diesem auf gemotzten arktick truk aus welchen Teilen lässt er sich bauen?

    1. Hiya - diesem aufgemotzten arktik truck - wow! Vielen dank! :D

      Ich habe die Details am Ende des Artikels hinzugefügt. Ich hoffe, das ist hilfreich. Genießen!

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you! It wasn't all done in one sitting, he thought about it a lot and fiddled with it over a couple of days, so it's really impossible to say exactly how long.

  8. I'd pay for the instructions 🤣

    1. Awwww. Can you not see it well enough to work out how to do it? I can't even remember if it's still whole or if it's become something else now!


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