Wednesday 29 October 2014

The Smarter Wifi Kettle from Menkind (review).

When I was asked by Menkind if I would like to promote their time-saving gadgets and try a Smarter Wifi Kettle my first question was 'how does that work then?' My second question was 'what happens if the kettle is empty? My partner just went straight for the 'omg yeah'. As it turns out it might just be me who likes this handy gadget the most - because I'm the one gets out of bed to make a brew when we're watching TV in bed at night, and I'm the first one up and about in the morning...

Menkind Smarter Wifi Kettle review

Before you even see the kettle you're reminded of the fact you won't need to stop what you're doing to put it on. I'm not certain it'll save me 2 days a year though - sadly there's always something I can be doing in the kitchen anyway...

Menkind Smarter Wi-fi Kettle review

It's a gorgeous looking kettle, with a lovely brushed body and fantastic polished control buttons - just in case you want to use it like a regular kettle and switch it on with your index finger.

Menkind Smarter Wifi Kettle review brushed silver cordless kettle

There are 4 different temperature options (useful for different teas and coffee), plus the 'keep warm' feature which will maintain temperature for 5-20 minutes depending on your chosen settings.

Menkind Smarter Wifi Kettle control buttons on kettle base

The Smarter Wifi Kettle has a low profile clear-windowed lid and a comfortable rubber-sleeved handle, built in filter and a spout that works well - dribbly kettles drive me bats.
Menkind Smarter Wifi Kettle clear window lid and spout

Menkind Smarter Wifi Kettle clear window lid

The 1.8l kettle has no external water level measurements, they are punched into the metal of the kettle itself behind the handle and only visible through the lid, or when the lid is open. It does make it slightly less convenient, but means the kettle maintains it's smooth lines, and if I'm honest I usually just guess by weight anyway.

Menkind Smarter Wifi Kettle clear window lid and inside measurement scale

The kettle cord is a good length, stored in the base for safety and again continuing the sleek and minimalist exterior.

Menkind Smarter Wifi Kettle review base and cord

The wi-fi works via a really simple app. which is available for ios or Android. Once downloaded you start up the app. and it tells you exactly what to do to get the kettle working on your wifi. It's pretty much foolproof, and only took 5 minutes (you will need your wireless network passwork).  It attached to our household network absolutely fine, first time.

The controls are super simple and match the control buttons on the kettle base. 

How the set up works - The kettle base transmits a wi-fi signal. The app. on your phone connects to your house wi-fi and then to the kettle, allowing the kettle to then short cut to the house wi-fi. The signal between the kettle and phone becomes redundant and disconnects, all communication is via your household wi-fi.

You can't sit in Birmingham and put your kettle on in Manchester, you do have to be on the same wi-fi network, and initially we were a bit disappointed until we realised it still means we can be in the garden, bath or in bed, watching a movie or taking a shower and still put the kettle on.  It also means that no-one else outside can mess with our kettle, and in fact even if anyone managed to hack into our kettle, the worst they can do is repeatedly boil it or change the temperature setting...*yawn*.

 Yep - you can sit in bed in the warm, put the kettle on and take a shower or stroll downstairs in your own time to make a brew without sitting in the cold kitchen for 5 minutes waiting. Bliss. 

This brings us to my second question, what does happen if it's empty? Obviously it had to be tried, and the answer is that it heats up and tries to boil, taking around 60 seconds to completely dry out the inside of the kettle, and after another 30 seconds it switches itself off and sends a message to your phone 'Your kettle is empty'. It then won't restart until you have lifted the kettle from the base. Brilliant.

Menkind Wifi iKettle review control panel on phone

The kettle can also be set to boil at certain times. It includes an alarm clock function 'Wake Up Mode' , which will wake you AND boil your kettle, and a 'Home Mode' option, which will send you a message to check if you want the kettle on before it boils it for you - in case you're running late or plans change.

Menkind wifi iKettle Alarm and wake up mode settingsMenkind wifi iKettle Home mode settings

The answer to who needs a wifi kettle is of course - everyone. I had no idea I needed one until I got it, but it's a brilliant gadget and has slotted into our home a treat....

The Smarter Wifi Kettle is available from Menkind and currently costs £99.99 with free delivery. 

Menkind have a 10% discount promotion in the lead up to Christmas using the code XMAS10, and they don't only sell kettles, they have a multitude of gifts and gadgets that are ideal for Christmas from lava lamps and dressing gowns through to go carts and video camera carrying drones!

We were sent our kettle to review.


  1. We love our kettle although have had problems with the wifi! Must just be us though x

    1. Oh no, what a shame. We have the router thingie in the middle of the house because we'd previously had issues with signal, and it's been absolutely fine so far - hope you sort yours out!

  2. My husband would love it! Will definitely look out for it!

    1. He would, I can totally see him thinking it's great :D

  3. This is an utterly brilliant idea! Definitely one of those that you didn't realise you needed until it arrived!

    1. Hahaha - totally. It is a great idea, now that someone's pointed it out to me!

  4. What a great idea. I would be a little miffed if I got the empty kettle message though if I was comfy on the sofa or something.

    1. :D I've been leaving enough fresh water in it for 2 brews - and when I make a drink at night I refill with 2 mugs full ready!

  5. This looks great and very sleek design too! Perfect for the cold winter mornings!

    1. It is gorgeous, a lovely looking kettle and definitely ideal for Winter! :)

  6. This sounds amazing, both me and the OH would love one! Now they just need someone to make the teas and bring them to you ;)