Tuesday 17 March 2015

What would you save in a fire?

If the very worst happened, or seemed to be happening, and your home was at risk from fire, what would you save first? I think it's safe to assume that anything living would feature at the very top of that list, my children and partner safe, the pets would be next.

What would you save in a fire? Children and pets first

I spoke a couple of years ago about what I would save in a fire, in this post here, and events over the last 2 years have altered my opinion a little. Having a partner develop a life-threatening condition like Meningitis, and then suddenly losing one of our children with no warning, has shown me exactly what is important.

What would you save in a fire? Children's artwork

Last time I put photographs of my children first, but I now realise they aren't as precious as things they have made. I can remember what they looked like at every age they've ever been, and I can remember all of those times when important photo's were taken. Every photo I've ever thought was great is somewhere on the web anyway, and if it isn't, never mind, it's in my head.

What would you save in a fire? Children's artwork on fridge

Revision Toad says 'revise'

My number one item would be to grab as many of the treasures that my children have made as possible. We have a fridge and wall full of artwork we take for granted, we smile and get the blue tack out, and walk by it every day without a second thought, but it is only when they're big and have a full beard that we realise how much we miss those stick people with crazy hands.

Kids picture of robot

If we're lucky they continue to produce beautiful things for us - sewing, knitting, drawing, even GCSE Woodwork! These are the items that are totally irreplaceable, and sadly in the event of a fire I'd never be able to collect them all together in one place quickly enough, or even carry them, but I'd grab what I could on my way past.

Child made drawstring bag gift

Probably best not have a fire in the first place, and Legal And General have a really concise list of Do's and Dont's to help prevent fires - which really suggests, because they are the experts, that cigarettes are the big danger, followed by unsafe electrics, candles and hot oil. Be safe, be careful, and I hope you never have to know what is the most important thing to save in a fire...

Elspeth's rocket. On the fridge for a year and now in a frame

Legal And General are sending the children a present in return for me talking about their treasures in this post.


  1. Having cleaned out mums house a family home for 55 years the pile of items just like this made me sob hysterically from things I made in infant school to news paper cuttings for wedding births etc all irreplaceable a lifetime of memories all in a box...So yes I agree with you Jen, those and the photos would be my priority saves x

  2. You are so right. I think I would initially think of photos but actually their artwork and creations is so important and I would miss things like this terribly.

  3. Gosh, of course the first thing I would save would be all of us! I'd also save their memory boxes which are up in the loft. I really should invest in fire proof boxes for their things.

  4. i probably wont save anything except myself and my family. all the stuffs are always store in my memory.


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