Wednesday 10 June 2015

A little something for Father's Day....

It's that time of year when we start browsing handkerchiefs and wondering when ties went out of fashion, and then resort to some 97% dark chocolate like every year because we know he'll be really pleased with it anyway... It can feel a little bit lame, so here are some ideas that think outside the box a little bit more..

Scruffs Hardwear. The entire Scruffs range is designed to be hardwearing and long-lasting. Scruffs are a brand we've reviewed for before, and their Scruffs t-shirt is just as good quality. Heavyweight cotton, nicely printed and really very good for an £11.99 t-shirt.

A few Father's Day gift ideas..from Scruffs Workwear

Scruffs don't only sell clothing though, they have a range of useful accessories, from belts and gloves to bags, and even shockproof, water-resistant watches at £19.99. Ideal for a Dad who likes his sports or DIY, or has a manual job and needs something a bit tougher. It's very big, it's very orange! If big orange watches aren't his thing, then how about a Bottle Opener Belt at £11.95?

A few Father's Day gift ideas..from Scruffs Workwear
Sprukits Poseable Figural Model Kits. I couldn't do a gift guide without mentioning Sprukits. They really are absolutely fabulous model kits which are fun and challenging to build, and give a fabulous result every time.

Fathers Day gift idea sprukits model set Batman DC

The articulation is astounding....we reviewed some of the Level 1 (£8.99) and 2 models (£15.99), and the amazing Level 3 Halo Masterchief (£49.99)... Any Dad would be pleased to find a Level 2 model with his cup of tea on Father's Day morning.

Fathers Day gift idea sprukits model set Halo Masterchief

'It's Your Story' Books. I still find these books hilarious and very sweet. My partner loves his, and now it's 2 years later our 6 year old finds looking at the photo's of him when he was younger really fascinating.  Books cost around £13-£20 depending on size.

Fathers Day gift idea personalised photo story book

Snooper Ventura Portable Power Bank. If your budget is bigger, or there are a few of you, then the Snooper Ventura Portable Power Bank really is going to impress. It can charge all of your mobile devices - tablets, mobiles, laptops, but it can also jump start your car - and it's got a torch. Can it get any better?...

Best and smallest power bank snooper ventura

....Well yes actually. This thing is tiny, and it'll hold charge for a year. Every car should have one. Still only £99.99.

Father's Day gift idea Best and smallest power bank snooper ventura

Photo Gifts. Eileen over at ET Speaks From Home has just reviewed a range of products from Snapfish, including a great collage and this quite different personalised notebook - no-one else in the office will be stealing that one!

Father's Day gift idea snapfish personalised notebook photo
Photo courtesy of ET Speaks From Home
LEGO. Obviously LEGO is a popular gift in our house for any occasion, and we did get Dad some of the new Jurassic World LEGO for his birthday. Perfect for Dad and child to build and play together...our review will follow shortly...

Father's Day gift idea lego Jurassic World Dinosaur Raptor set

Home Made Gifts. Of course the Dad in your life may be a person who values time and effort over gadgets and toys, and if so, or if you have 10 minutes to spare and a little creativity, then something personalised really can make his day....

Anna The Playroom Blog
Photo courtesy of In The Playroom

I wasn't paid for any links, but we were sent the Scruffs t-shirt and watch to review.


  1. Some great ideas. For once I am organised for Father's Day this year (not that I have thought about his birthday which is a couple of weeks later)!

  2. Loving the Scruffs stuff, never heard of them but it looks like such great gear x


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