Thursday 15 February 2018

#TBCSmiles 42 Months...

This month has been a pretty rough one for us, I know a lot of people are tired and worn out and we are all ready for Spring - although I really wouldn't complain about a few days of proper snow that the kids can play with. We seem to have had a month of drizzle and sleet and overnight snow that's vanished by morning. Even worse we had a day of snow that was all gone by 3.30pm - so harsh on the kids in school!

Monday would have been Elspeth's 20th birthday and that's hit really hard. Somehow it's far worse if you don't see it coming. No longer a teenager, she should be a young woman at university. We should have had to ring her and wish her happy birthday while she pre-loaded the drinks and giggled with her house mates. We should have been worrying about how much she'd drink, how she'd get home, if she'd make her classes the next day... Instead, we managed to gather up 5 of our children and young people, go for a meal and raise a glass.

Despite a hard month, we have managed to make loads of smiles and I've caught a lot on camera. You guys did too, there are some lovely images on Instagram if you take a look at the hashtag #tbcsmiles

Anyone is welcome to join in, just tag any photo that has a smile and I'll share a selection each month. This month's big bright smiles were chosen by our own little wildchild, our 7 year old. He keeps reminding us that he is almost 8 and insisted on trying to find out the ages of every child in the photos....

These gorgeous smiles were shared by the following photographers:

It really is worth taking a look at the hashtag #TBCSmiles because there were some corkers that were very rectangular and I don't like to crop people's carefully positioned photos!

We had some great smiles ourselves thanks in part to some of the reviews we've done this month, the LEGO Ninjago movie, a morning of snow and girls who do maths and science!

Thanks to everyone who takes part with #tbcsmiles - it is an absolute joy to grin along with your smiles each month - everyone is welcome to join in! Smiles are what it's all about.
The more the better...


  1. Sending lots of love and huge. These are beautiful smiles. I do love these posts, even if it is bittersweet. Hugs to you and your gorgeous ones xx

    1. Thank you Susan - and thank you for always sharing your smiles. You are massive support to me and it's always really appreciated xx

  2. Lots of love x
    I have heard grief being likened to being being shipwrecked and clinging to debris out in the sea. Over time you can see the waves coming at you and you brace yourself for them. It gave me a lot of comfort after I was widowed. Life goes on and you learn to brace for anniversaries ect. But it is all those "this is what things should be like" if they were still here that is so hard to deal with.
    The smiles always make things a little bettee though don't they. Thanks for including my 2 crazies - it's those smiles that keep me "what ifs" at bay x

    1. Thank you so much Karen. It's a really good analogy. It's so much easier to prepare when you see it coming, but I think we had a busy week and underestimated how significant 20 would be. It's always just when you think you have control of this that it catches you out I think xx
      Thank YOU for sharing the photos of your two crazies! - I loved this one as soon as I saw it, they are laughing so much and they're so together in it - it's a fantastic capture :) xx
      Love to you and your awesome kids xx

  3. Yes, definitely hits you harder when you think you are in control.
    Thank you for your lovely words. Lots of love to you and yours too. x


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