Friday 19 October 2018

The Chameleon Family Party Game Review Age 14+ (sent by Big Potato Games)

The Chameleon is another game from Big Potato which is aimed at more grown up members of the family. Suitable for 3-8 players aged 14+ (although younger players can join in, see below), this is a family party game which we found hilarious. The answers can be brilliant.... and so random.

Packaging is great, with only a plastic wrapper to discard. The box is beautiful quality. Inside the box are 2 packs (green and blue) of Code Cards each with a Chameleon Card, larger green Topic Cards, a huge 'make your own' Blank Topic Card, 2 Dice and 1 dry-wipe marker, plus the rules.

There is no set up time and the rules are simple, so you can play straightaway once you've opened the box. The cards are all shiny coated, so they are okay to draw on with whiteboard/drywipe marker and they'll last you a lifetime.

The aim of the game is to correctly guess which one of you is The Chameleon. If you are chosen as Chameleon, it's your job to prevent anyone else finding out.

Choose either blue or green Code Cards and the matching Chameleon Card. You only need 1 card to deal to each player, so discard some Code Cards if necessary before shuffling and dealing. One of you will be The Chameleon, don't get caught.

Turn over the top Topic Card and roll the 2 dice.

Every player except The Chameleon has a Code Card which shows a corresponding co-ordinate to the dice. The Chameleon has to pretend.

These coordinates lead you to 1 of the 16 boxes on the Topic Card - this is the secret word, name or phrase. All players now say one word to prove that they know what the secret word is. So for Peter Pan I might say 'Fairy' or 'Green'.

The Chameleon has to say a word based on what the other players before them say, so try not to make it too obvious. They also need to try and work out what the secret word is, in case they need it later.

Next, everyone votes on who they think The Chameleon is.

If the majority vote for the wrong player, The Chameleon wins the game. If you voted for The Chameleon, they still have a chance to escape by guessing the secret word correctly. 

Despite these odds, in our experience The Chameleon has only won once. Mainly due to giggling.

The age suggestion of 14+ is due to some of the content being simply something younger players won't know. They won't have heard of many musicals, popular tattoos, civilisations etc. so would struggle to answer the questions. There is however a Blank Topic Card you can fill in with whatever you want. We actually tried this with our 8 and 10 and 20 year old boys using our own questions and they all loved it.

Each game takes around 30 minutes, so you don't need to commit to much time at all, but you might want to. It's a great 'warm up' game or for when you have half an hour and want to liven everything up a little, but it's just as good played all evening. Everyone thinks they can fool you when they are The Chameleon...

The Chameleon is available to buy now priced £39.99rrp from all good toy and game shops, including online at Amazon (*aff) where it is currently discounted to an excellent price of £25 at time of typing. For more information about the entire range available see the Big Potato Games website.

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We were sent our copy of The Chameleon for review. *Amazon links are affiliate, which means I earn a few pence as a thank you for my time if you order through my link, but you don't pay any extra. It keeps the website running - man cannot live on board games alone. 

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