Tuesday 17 July 2018

Ad - Review | Weird Things Humans Search For game review for Big Potato Games (Age 14+)

Weird Things Humans Search For is our second review for Big Potato Games. Suitable for 3 or more players and recommended for around age 14+, you can play as individuals, but this really comes into its own as a team game for teenagers or older and makes an ideal party game.

A game about 'Weird Things Humans Search For' instantly has the potential to be hilarious, and we weren't disappointed. There are plenty of giggles and genuine belly laughs as players attempt to guess the most popular ending to an internet search phrase. A sort of modern day equivalent of  Blankety Blank meets Family Fortunes.

Everything you need is in the box, including pencils and paper, so you can play immediately. There's no set up, play centres on the Question Cards and the rules are simple. Each round choose 1 player to be 'The Search Master', who reads out the question and knows the true answers. We simply took it in turns.

The aim of the game is to try and guess real endings to popular searches, writing your answers on a pad. Each player or team can give 1 answer plus 1 bonus answer. If you get the top answer you score 4 points, any other answer scores 2 and if your bonus answer appears anywhere you score a bonus 1. The maximum for any round is 5. After 5 rounds the player or team with the highest score wins.

Genuine internet searches really do show just how crazy our inner thoughts really are... as do your answers. Be prepared to be astounded at what your own friends and family read out. You only get 1 minute to think or confer as a team, so the pressure is on and the daft answers just keep coming.

Weird Things Humans Search For is an excellent game. We've played as a group of age 14+ and we also played with our younger children at their request, and I think the age recommendation is right. It's far better when you don't have to try and ignore rude results, and can crack jokes, and the younger ones are frankly rubbish at scoring any points. They still enjoyed it though...

Weird Things Humans Search For is available to buy now rrp £20 from games stockists instore and online, including WH Smith and Amazon. You can find out more about Big Potato Games on their website, and I also have a review of  OK Play, the ultimate travel game.

We were sent our copy of Weird Things Humans Search For to review. The Amazon link is affiliate, which means I earn some pennies if you buy through my link, as a thank you to me for adding it, you don't pay any more.

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