Wednesday 27 May 2020

Build Your Own Telescope Kit Review age 8+ (Sent for review)

The Build Your Own Telescope is a really fantastic set with a very beautiful telescope, but much more than that, you learn how a telescope works as you build, and along with that learn about light, reflection, construction and engineering! It's an all round STEM toy, and we were sent one to review. 

Build Your Own Paper Telescope STEM toy review Age 8+

We love our STEM toys and all things space, so the Build Your Own Telescope really caught the attention of my 11 year old son. He was so excited he built it within 48 hours of it arriving. Everything is paper, the only plastic parts are the lenses, so it's an incredibly eco-conscious toy. 

Even the packaging is a cleverly designed cardboard box, which is folded to protect the lenses during transit. 

Build your own telescope clever packaging

Inside the very small box is everything you'll need. 29 slot together cardboard parts, magnification lens, eyepiece lens, mirror and easy-to-follow instruction leaflet. 

Build your own telescope review box contents sheets of printed card laid out lenses instructions tip sheet

The cardboard and paper construction is incredibly sturdy, doesn't need any glue, tape or scissors, and makes a really impressive telescope which you can easily carry around. All of the joints are very snug, but not overly-tight, so you feel like you are creating a good quality item which has been very carefully designed. 

My son needed help when assembling the lens, mainly because he doesn't have 4 hands. It is very fiddly and a modeller of any age would benefit from help with that part. Aside from that, he built alone, in only a couple of hours. 

Telescope Build it yourself putting together lens

The telescope has a 16x magnification, which isn't huge for looking at something several thousand miles away, but you can still see the stars. This isn't one for professionals, but it's a good way to start. As you put the lenses in and see how the telescope works, there are loads of important concepts to be learned. 

Paper and cardboard Telescope Build it yourself construction

There's a note in the box in case your lenses won't stay in place, which is an excellent addition and must be due to customer feedback, but ours have been fine. 

Boy making cardboard telescope on his lap

The finished model is really gorgeous. It's so impressive. My son has put it in the window and it's good enough for any youngster to display proudly in their room. 

Cardboard telescope papercraft complete

There is a 'sight' on the telescope, so that you can see where you are looking, although ours is very loose, so only gives a fair idea. It has a sliding focus tube, which extends to 72cm long - it's massive for saying it came out of such a small box. 
Both lenses also have a cover, and there's a toothed stand and also a degree finder on the side, so that you can easily angle your telescope fairly accurately and you won't need to hold it in position. 

boy looking at the stars with a home made cardboard telescope

Unfortunately we are approaching the longest day, and while good weather means clear skies, it also means we are struggling to get any darkness! These photos were taken at 11pm, but it was only dark enough to see 1 star. We'll be taking it on our walk to look at the wind farm from a distance later this week - in the daytime.

You can also share your build and look at other people's photos on the #BYOTelescope hashtag.

trying to use a telescope at 11pm in Summer. Can see 1 star

The Build Your Own Telescope is one product in a range of fantastic cardboard STEM toy kits, and the prices are excellent! The telescope kit costs just £19.99, and they have a brand new Plane Launcher, and a Microscope Kit coming later this Summer! You can find out more and buy direct from the Build Your Own website - and standard UK shipping is free. 

BYO Brand Ambassador logo Build Your Own

We were sent our telescope for review. 

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